Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's the beginning!

Here goes nothing...

Over the past few months I've been debating whether or not to start blogging about the polishes I've been obsessing over. I keep waiting for my excitement over new colors and collections to wane and this "phase" to pass, but it just hasn't. So I'm taking the leap.

My polish fanaticism started innocently enough on a trip to Southern California with my mom and younger sister. We were touring my sister's soon-to-be college campus and after a busy day of meetings and tours we decided we were going to spend the rest of the weekend exploring the town, hitting the beach and treating ourselves to a mani/pedi. Of course, the three of us had at the time small collections of polishes mostly from the drugstore and target and occasionally we would get a pedicure together, but not often because it was just a treat. Anyway, I was determined to find us a nice salon with a good selection of polish colors.

Our search for a clean salon willing to take three clients without a wait time and a decent selection of colors turned out to be a lot more difficult than we'd imagined.  We hit several misses before we found one we all could agree on, and it wasn't easy. My sister just recently finished cosmetology training and she had a keen eye for sketchy hygienic practices and I was on the lookout for an electric blue polish similar to one I'd seen on one of the girls I saw on campus earlier that day. We eventually found a salon up to snuff and I found the PERFECT shade of electric blue polish, not quite the same shade I saw earlier, but still I was extremely satisfied with the results.

For some reason, I never took a picture of how awesome my nails looked after that manicure, even though it may have been one of the best I ever had. It lasted a week before I finally brought myself to remove the magnificent color. It was chipping but I was still sad to see it gone from my nails. I did, however, take a quick picture of the bottles we all used while they were on the tech's desk but it turned out dark and blurry so none of the bottle lettering was readable. All that could be made out were the little black daisies on the face of the bottle. Now I was on a mission to find this shade so I could buy it and add it to my collection, I was obsessed.

Google image searches were only slightly helpful in locating the color and by slightly I mean they didn't help me find the correct brand but they did get me hooked on nail blogs.  It started innocently enough by checking this blog on an almost daily basis. Then there was Scrangie and Polish or Perish and LTHP. The list got longer and longer and then I figured out I could add blogs to Google Reader, you could say the rest was history. I did eventually find the brand and color of polish from that fabulous manicure, but I'll save that for later. (I still haven't bought it because I've acquired so many blues while on the hunt that I'm almost sure I've got a dupe in my stash)

The first time I took a picture of a manicure I gave myself it wasn't because I had aspirations for my own blog, I was simply proud of my look. I had applied some nail art using tape to freshen up a mani that was several days old with some serious tip wear and cracking. To think, this was way back when I didn't think topcoats were important! Anyway, the first picture I ever took of my nails was with two coats of Orly's Pure Porcelain over my go-to nail strengthener Gealous, finished with Rage from Orly's Foil FX collection on my tips. I did use a top coat after adding Rage, even before I knew the difference between a foil and a microglitter I knew that the slightest brush against almost any surface would transfer some of that foil-y amazingness off of my nails.

Now, on to the picture! There is only one because I took two never expecting to show anyone but my sister and the second was too blurry. It's not the greatest photo because I only have my iphone. Womp, womp, womp.  Either way, I was still proud and got several compliments at work.

Orly Pure Porcelain 



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