Wednesday, December 7, 2011

OPI - Designer De...Better

It is sooo late and I am procrastinating on an assignment at the moment. I just don't want to finish. Blah. Honestly, that just boils down to being dissatisfied with the quality of the class and the instruction. It could have been so much more but it just missed the mark. This is my last overly-detailed-overly-weighted project and presentation and then it's on to what I'm going to assume will be an overly difficult final. Do I sound grumpy? lol So let's move on, shall we? Ok, let's...

When I first saw swatches of OPI's Muppets collection I knew exactly which shades I'd be bringing home, none of the layering glitters made the cut unfortunately. Designer De...Better on the other hand, well it was the first lovely to grace my tips when my package from AVEYOU arrived! You can see from the photos below that I didn't take much care when removing Poinsettia, my cuticles are horribly pink with polish/acetone residue. Oh well, I swear you couldn't see it unless you squinted and held them within an inch of your nose!

This color made my long nails look amazing, so it gets extra points and since I got several compliments at work I thoroughly enjoyed wearing this color. I'll be wearing this one again for sure, it's so chic! This champagne foil with golden/orange flecks was sublime in application even with the first coat being slightly I was satisfied after the second and a coat of quickdry tc. 

Now, enjoy some pictures!

OPI Designer De...Better

OPI Designer De...Better

OPI Designer De...Better

OPI Designer De...Better

For some reason my pinkie finger is lobster red and the photos of this polish have a pink halo around the edges that seems to distort the color, strange. But that's what I get for not having a fancypants camera and being all willynilly with the acetone.  :) OH, and in other news... although the bf has given me tons of eyerolls when he sees me whip out the remover and cotton balls, he openly acknowledges this as my hobby and how I can escape for a moment when I'm feeling overwhelmed by painting my pretties. That makes me happy and feel less silly for having a such an obsession. **Swoon**

And now I really must get back to this incredibly boring article review. (Semester's almost over, YAY!)


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