Thursday, November 3, 2011

OPI Miss Universe

When Miss Universe was slated to come out late this summer I was stalking my local Ulta (which conveniently is sort of on my way home) on an almost daily basis waiting for the display to hit the shelves. So the day I found it finally I must have been the first one to walk up to the display because it was completely full, not a single bottle out of place. JOY! I grabbed Swimsuit... Nailed It!, Congeniality Is My Middle Name, and Crown Me Already!

I didn't pick up Its MY Year because I thought it looked too similar to Rally Pretty Pink which I already had, and even though I know it is definitely purple and not pink, I waited for Orly's Holiday Soireé collection. Specifically Oui, which I think is a much prettier purple w/ gold shimmer.

Anyway... Blue happens to be one of my favorite polish colors and I own many, many blues. So if I remember correctly I wore that as a mani right off the bat, very bright and VERY blue. I was in love and even my boss made a comment about how it matched my scarf. I'm not sure if I took pictures of it though, I'll have to check. However, I did take pictures of my next mani which is below.

OPI - Congeniality Is My Middle Name and Crown Me Already!

At first I wasn't sure if I wanted the berry colored Congeniality Is My Middle Name, but it is beautiful and I have no regrets. Its cranberry, jelly-like (IMO) base with a pretty pink shimmer just glows on the nail. Unfortunately the shimmer settles fairly quickly and requires a lot of shaking/rolling to get mixed back in properly. Before the store displays were empty the shimmer had settled in all the bottles. Crown Me Already! is insanely shiny and that's why I used it only on an accent nail, I didn't want to blind myself while driving under this blaring desert sunlight! Which, btw I almost did... it was like I had a tiny little mirror on my finger!


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