Thursday, November 17, 2011

Orly Mineral Fx - Emberstone

Sooo.. I'm sure I have almost this entire collection save for the OPI RPP dupe, Rock the World, and Rock Solid. It starts out innocently enough with a trip to Sally's where I picked out my two faves, this beauty - Emberstone - and Rock Solid, a beautifully vibrant glass-fleck blue. Eventually after staring at pictures on other blogs and drooling all over myself, I also picked up Rococo A-Go-Go and Rock It. I couldn't help it, I'm a sucker for shimmer and flecks.

Anyway, I LOVE Emberstone! I thought it was going to be mostly red but it glows like fire from within, there's an amazing orange undertone to it that  kept me staring at my nails. I even had the lady at the Post Office counter ask me about it, which always makes me happy.  :)

Orly Emberstone

After several days of wear (which is pretty unusual for me because I get so antsy to change colors) I thought I'd spice it up and add some bling. I sponged on OPI's Sparke de Triomph followed by Crown Me Already! for a super shiny glitter gradient.  It was amazing but WAY too much for work, which is saying something because I can get away with anything on my nails at work. Almost immediately after my topcoat dried I used my one and only shatter to try and subdue the beast. It worked really well and I thought it looked awesome, like a glowing ember in the fireplace. 

I don't know if you can tell from my pretty crummy picture but the thickness of polish on my nails was insane and I took it off the next day because I couldn't handle it.

Orly Emberstone and OPI Black Shatter


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