Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SpaRitual - Sacred Ground

Aaaaaaaand Christmas is over! I am both happy and sad with this, I love the holiday season and listen to Christmas music starting right after my Thanksgiving meal. But honestly, it is such a busy time that it is so easy to be overwhelmed with everything. Luckily this year I was not so much affected. I had no problem with the postal system and all of my packages arrived on time. Well, all but one... but what is there to do when you order something and the company pretends that you never placed the order??  I digress, it did come but well after it should have arrived.

I had a lovely Christmas Eve and Day. We spent the evening with the SO's family and had a nice dinner and plenty of drinks. In the morning they came over for breakfast (homemade biscuits and gravy) and we exchanged gifts. The rest of Christmas Day was spent with my family and ended with a prime rib and crab leg supper! It was superb! I adore prime rib, and so does my belly. All in all, five pies were consumed. Delish!

My gifts this year were lovely. I didn't receive any polish related items, but I couldn't be happier with what I got. My mother got me a Kindle e-reader, and I am SOSOSOSO excited to get to use this. I also got a set of springform pans, a super handy step-ladder, a houndstooth patterned Elmer Fudd hat for snowboarding, a new pair of shoes, and the Mr. got me a silver necklace and a beautiful amber pendant. I am so thankful and grateful for such a loving and generous family and to have had a peaceful holiday with them.

Now, on to the polish. I'm really going to try and get a hang of this blogging thing now that the holidays are past. I learned last week when I was watermarking all my photos, just how hard this all is. I used to have a personal blog long, long ago but this is completely new. So, before the holiday weekend I spent an afternoon trying to learn how to use GIMP, editing photos, and uploading photos to draft posts. All of my photos are NOTD's and since I don't really swatch (or haven't thought to/had the time) I take photos of my manicures every two or three days when I change colors. I will do my best to post more regularly from here on out because I feel as though I have received so much from the blogging community (I read my blogroll every day, and try to comment!) that I want to get more involved and contribute. To my three lovely followers, thank you for giving my fledgling blog a chance. 

These photos were taken some time ago and will be the last I post without watermarking (hopefully) because they were already in my drafts. I have here SpaRitual Sacred Ground and although I have had issues with this brand in the past (it shrinks with my quickdry tc!) I couldn't get enough of this color when I had it on my nails. Instinct is has a grey base with what appears to me to be multichrome flecks of color. At first I thought maybe there were just a few different colors of glass fleck/microglitter - blue, silver, champagne, purple(?) - but the color shift seems to indicate otherwise.

Since I've had serious shrinking issues with SpaRitual colors I opted to go sans tc and it worked out wonderfully as this color dries to a lovely shiny finish.  :)  The following photos have one coat of Seche Retain, one coat of Gelous, and two coats of Instinct. Wear was good and chips didn't appear until day three.

SpaRitual - Sacred Ground

SpaRitual - Sacred Ground

SpaRitual - Sacred Ground




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