Monday, January 30, 2012

Chanel Peridot... DUPED!

Let me just say, there are practically NO circumstances under which I am willing to pay designer prices for nail polish. This is even more adhered to when bottle size is small relative to the average size of a bottle. I'm only recently coming to terms with paying for Butter London at full retail, and honestly, if there is a way for me to pay discounted price I'll go for it.

When I first started reading polish blogs (earlier last year) I thought that Peridot was beautiful but by no means was I going to rush out and shell out my hard earned $$. I just sought alternatives. Well, there really is no true alternative to Chanel but... Peridot? Of course there is! Of course I've heard of several Chanel dupes, and I've come across them and usually pick them up. The same goes for Deborah Lippmanns. So, naturally, when I found out (and quite by accident) that Jessica Cosmetics duped the entire Illusion d'Ombres Collection for Fall 2011 I immediately purchased the dupe for Peridot and Graphite. I passed on the dupe for Quartz, I don't care for frosts and none of the swatches I'd seen changed my mind. 

Jessica Cosmetics completely won me over. Their collection is called Peacock Queen and I picked up this beauty, Iridescent Eye and Smoky Feather (Graphite dupe). The third color is called Bronze Tailed. I also threw Hologram Chic in my cart since I don't have any linear holographic polishes and it came with the aqua base. 

The color is everything I could have hoped for, green (my fave) and gold! It really glows. The predominant color is an olive leaning gold that looks like a chrome from a distance but under direct light and under sunlight the shimmer just explodes. The shift from gold to green is most noticeable along the edges of the nails and at certain angles the color comes across as entirely green with a blue/turquoise lean to it.

Jessica Cosmetics - Iridescent Eye

Jessica Cosmetics - Iridescent Eye

Jessica Cosmetics - Iridescent Eye

Jessica Cosmetics - Iridescent Eye

Application was what I'd expected, no more and no less. Rather sheer, I used two coats with the second being thicker than the first. This polish is prone to visible brush strokes even though none of these photos captures that. I was very, very careful with my application to try and avoid as many brush strokes as possible. Really, only my thumb on my left hand has any noticeable evidence. I'd hoped that my quick dry top coat would be able to smooth out the brush strokes but unfortunately it didn't. No biggie, you don't see them anyway unless you've got your nails up to your nose. Which, btw is easy to do with this color because it's just so pretty!

Wear turned out to be better than expected. I took a long HOT shower after one full day of wear and by the next afternoon I had greater than average tip wear, some very small chipping on the corners of my free edges, and some cracking in the paint. Since we left for Pomona Friday afternoon, I had no time to change my mani or even slap on a fresh layer of top coat. I took care of that Saturday morning though and it did the job. It made my nails feel more rigid and strong (I tried a different base coat combo and it left my nails feeling a little too bendy for my taste) and I had no more chipping. Wrapping the tip with the fresh top coat helped with that I believe.

Removal was super easy, no scrubbing necessary but I made sure to get a fresh cotton ball to clean up any excess shimmer from removal. There's some left on my skin as I type this, but that's nothing a good scrub at the sink can't handle.

Just look at that shimmah!

Jessica Cosmetics - Iridescent Eye

Jessica Cosmetics - Iridescent Eye

I should mention something I didn't care for when ordering from the website. I placed my order on the 20th of January, so really just over a week ago, and promptly got an email from a staff member with an invoice and a thank you for my order. I never got a shipping email, or confirmation, or any indication of shipping time/expectation. Since I was busy with school I didn't have time to think about it until a day or so later and by the time I got time to think about sending an email inquiry, I'd forgot. It just slipped my mind, and then showed up on the 25th. 

Five days from order to delivery? That's not too bad I guess, it could have never showed up for all I knew but at least it did. It didn't have to go very far at all though, from SoCal to S. Nevada. I just wish I'd had some sort of shipping info prior to delivery.


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