Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nicki Minaj has arrived!

Yay, I got mail!  I swear I thought this was going to take forever to get to me but it finally arrived, and on my day off too! 

I ordered the OPI Nicki Minaj Collection from with the help of a Plum District voucher that only put me out of pocket for $17 and change. It included shipping too! Sweet deal.  :)

I ordered six polishes and they came wrapped two to a bundle of bubble wrap. They all arrived unharmed. And look, samples!

Here is one coat of each: Pink Friday, Did It On Em, Fly, Save Me, and Metallic For Life.

Two Coats. You can see that each of the cremes cover well in two coats as well as Metallic For Life. Save Me is obviously a layering glitter and I will most likely give it a whirl over a silver foil.

Bottle shots! I will wear a skittle mani this Friday (since it's casual lol) on my left hand and probably Pink Friday will get my right hand.

I love these and I'm glad I just went ahead and got them all. I was a little hesitant at first about Pink Friday and Did It On Em because I thought I might have similar colors, and I do but they are different enough to justify the purchase at such a discounted price. I passed on the shatter because I have never cared for the trend. I think it makes nails look dirty. Does that make sense? I do have a black shatter though, worn only once.

Sorry no swatches today. :( Even though it is my day off I had a meeting today to set up a volunteer/internship opportunity and I had to change in to a work appropriate shade. Essie's Da Bush, love it. I'll have pictures of it up sooner or later.  Happy Wednesday!!


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