Thursday, February 9, 2012

I snagged a Lynnderella... before the madness.

Ok, so back in January right around the first week of the month I managed to snag a bottle of Lynnderella Change from Llarowe's webshop. This was, I think, the first offering she had up for the year and I really wanted this so I stayed up till midnight to drop this in my cart. There are quite a few other of Lynnderella's polishes that I think are beautiful, but at the time I could only justify purchasing one bottle. I had absolutely no issues with checkout and shipping was super fast. Absolutely no complaints as a customer and I look forward to purchasing products in the future.

Sadly, after this sale it seems things went downhill and fast. I didn't really follow any of it other than reading on facebook that there were threatening emails and other issues with ladies going crazy over these polishes. So when a plan was devised to do order forms via email (which btw I thought was absolutely genius) I got my form ready and just waited for the go-ahead to send off my order. Unfortunately, I hear that the harassment didn't stop and that idea was scrapped. So as of now, all future orders for Lynnderella polishes are basically on a lottery system and it will be completely random. I've put my name in the hat so to speak, but I'm not holding my breath that I'll be drawn any time soon. I hope this issue can work itself out, for Leah Ann at Llarowe, for everyone.

With that out of the way I can talk about this pretty glitter! Here's the description from Lynnderella's blog: 

Change. is about more than the coins under the sofa cushions. Change is gold, silver, pewter, copper, bronze glitter with flecks of holographic gold with multi-coloured accents in a very sparkly gold base.

Yep, that says it all!

Lynnderella - Change.

I wore one thick coat of Change. over three coats of Zoya Jules from Zoya's Intimate Collection for Spring 2011. I would have liked denser glitter application and under normal circumstances I would have just added more coats to build towards opacity but I was in a rush (read: should have left 5 minutes ago) to meet some friends for dinner and Jules was still a bit wet and squishy since I didn't have time to wait between coats. Dry time on Change. was excellent, I didn't have to wait at all! It was practically dry to the touch by the time I had the bottle closed up.

I will definitely wear this again, soo pretty! And I'm a little surprised too, I'm usually not someone who's into gold or gold tones. I like champagne a lot, but not gold, so this is a winner for me. 

Lynnderella - Change.

Lynnderella - Change.

Zoya Jules, three coats. Each coat was thin/runny and didn't provide much coverage. Dry time on this wasn't quick either, but I may be more influenced by my rush to get out of the door than I should be. I've worn this over brown/taupe creme before and it was much prettier.

Zoya - Jules

Zoya - Jules

You can see some shrinkage at the tips, that's because I used a quickdry top coat before ANY of the layers were even close to dry. Nothing I couldn't live without, I wore this for several days and wear was good. Removal wasn't terrible, nothing to write home about really. Except for the Lynnderella, Change. was a pain but only because it is a glitter. And that's to be expected.

Zoya - Jules

Zoya - Jules

What do you think? About Jules, about Change.? What about the whole ordering sitch?


  1. I have bought a polish from Llarowe and am really pleased at the customer service. I hate to be all finger wagging but people are threatening others over nail polish? They are out of their minds. I pity them.

    1. I know, the customer service was excellent. And I hate to sound like such a downer in this post, because I know how easy it can be for things to get misinterpreted and blown out of proportion on the internet, but it is really sad that it deteriorated in such a way and so quickly.



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