Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Which is which... Part Deux!

Ever wake up in the morning and just feel like crud all over? Yeah, me too. Today is that day and I did NOT want to drag myself out of bed this morning, achy all over and with a scratchy throat. The only reason I committed to doing so was a midterm I had scheduled for 10:00am this morning. I have several other classes on Wednesday, both prior and after, but knew they didn't stand a chance as I could barely make it to campus with my eyes open this morning. It's a long drive, I tell ya!

Anyway, I perked up for my exam and feel as though I did pretty well but I bolted back home after a quick stop at the post office.  I fixed a nice lunch and my hunny bunny stopped by on his lunch break to dine with me before I promptly dove face first back in to bed. And now guess what... I've rolled around all day achy and uncomfortable, and unable to fall asleep. So, aside from stuffing my face with sweet potato chips (best chips EVER!), I figured I would drag my ass back out of bed and see if I could find the motivation to do something... anything. Besides, I ate all the chips. :'(

I've ruled out doing my laundry even though I practically have no pants left, it's just too much movement and work for my poor, frail, and sickly self. lol I can't read for class either, because my vision is blurred and I don't feel like perching my heavy glasses on my stuffy nose. I'm good at making all sorts of excuses... So, here I sit whining to you lovely ladies on the interwebs. Thank you for listening, I really do feel a little better already. :)  Maybe a little of this yuckiness has to do with stress. I only get sick roughly once a year and I'm about two weeks shy of my "anniversary" so to speak. Who knows, it could just be allergies and stress and I'm a wee bit paranoid. hmm...

ONWARD to the polish!

Yesterday I showed you all my nails of the week, Red Lights Ahead... Where? and  A Roll in the Hague from the new OPI Holland Collection, a luscious coral and vibrant orange. My color block wasn't a massive fail but it was a bit of a disappointment, so I thought I would play around a bit with flakies before I busted out my remover and cotton. 

As it stands right now, I have enough flakies. I have Inglot 202, Orly Fowl Play, and the entire Finger Paints flakie line. I didn't know about Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure until it could only be a pipe dream for a polish collector like me, and I didn't care to pick up Essie Shine of the Times when it came out because, well, I already had Inglot. Let me tell you about the one and only Inglot flakie I've got... I happened to wander into my local Inglot shop after window shopping in Sephora one afternoon on my way home from classes. I saw them almost instantly! FIVE different flakies! Oh. In tiny little bottles. Boo. Oh well, I played with them and seemed to actually know more than the MUAs in the shop and eventually walked out of the store a proud new owner of my very first flakie. Now that Essie has a flakie I feel a little bit gipped, but I'm not gonna get it because I see no point.
The photos below show comparisons between Inglot 202 and Finger Paints Flashy. I alternated nails, can you tell which is which? It is hard to tell, I know, but here's how you can tell the difference: Inglot requires only one coat and Finger Paints needs two to reach the same flakie density. And even then FP comes up a bit short. Color change is the same, so it dry time, but FP's base is a little thicker. So all in all, I prefer my expensive little Inglot and kinda want to go back for the rest. Damn and blast.

Inglot - 202

Inglot - 202

Inglot - 202

In these photos, and in person too, the color shift stayed in the warm range and next to no green or blue became visible. It's like my nails are on FI-YAH! Thumb, index, and my ring fingers are wearing one coat of Inglot 202 and my middle and pinkie are wearing two coats (and could possibly use a third).

Finger Paints - Flashy

Finger Paints - Flashy

Finger Paints - Flashy

This photo was taken in my car with afternoon diffused sunlight, probably around dusk, or it was just a little overcast. I can't recall exactly. You can hardly tell I'm wearing two different colors, is that coral or orange, orange or coral?? Alright guys gals, I know this was a really text heavy post but it feels nice to just vent about bs. Toodles!

Inglot 202 and Finger Paints Flashy

Oh, and my apologies for what appears to be a bunch of blurriness. My poor ol' iPhone has no clue what to do with all this vibrancy and color saturation!


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