Friday, March 30, 2012

Hunger Games Comparisons!

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope your morning has been as excellent as mine, I'm in high spirits today. I love good moods. :)  We spent 4+ hours in the shop last night sanding tape joints so we can texture the walls this weekend. Needless to say, I'm a little sore but at least my manicure is going strong! I've got a little tip wear but nothing too noticeable. It should make it through the weekend just fine! It's going to have to actually, I've got a birthday party tonight, company picnic tomorrow, and a bridal shower on Sunday so I'm not sure I'd have time to change it even if I wanted!

Alright, on to the polishes! In yesterday's post I showed you Smoke and Ashes and Fast Track from China Glaze's Hunger Games collection and it was suggested that Fast Track was similar to Classic Camel by Of Life and Lacquer - and I completely agreed. So I figured I would do my first real comparison post today and also show you a Sinful Colors polish that I suspected of being similar to Smoke and Ashes.

The Sinful Colors is a random purchase, I came across What's Your Name (no punctuation on label) during a trip to the drugstore and since I hadn't seen it with the regular stock before I figured I might as well snatch it up. I haven't worn it yet or swatched it before today.

Shimmer Shots:

These photos are bottle shots to show differences in bases and shimmer. I wish I could do a fancy macro shot, but alas, I have only my iPhone to take photos with. Despite my low quality photos you can clearly see that these polishes are all different.

Sinful Colors - What's Your Name

China Glaze  - Smoke and Ashes

The differences between Smoke and Ashes in these shots is clearly the nature of the shimmer. What's Your Name has a duochrome shifting shimmer from blue to purple while Smoke and Ashes' shimmer is predominately green with a slight shift to blue. So far, you can't tell much of a difference in the bases of either of these polishes.

China Glaze - Fast Track

China Glaze - Classic Camel

Wow! Can we say, "Not even close?!" Before I dug out Classic Camel this morning I was convinced they were extremely similar, now I can barely get away with saying that maybe the shimmer is similar. And that is a stretch! Obviously the base of Fast Track is a light, wheat colored nude with a cool golden shimmer while Classic Camel is clearly a warm golden color with a matching warm golden shimmer.  Who'da thunk it!?

One Coat:

This nail wheel side-by-side is one coat of each color and it was in and of itself pretty revealing. What's Your Name and Smoke and Ashes look quite close to one another but there are some big differences. What's Your Name is patchy at one coat and the base is a pure black whereas Smoke and Ashes can completely cover in a single coat and you can see that the base is definitely a blackened blue - as I'd suspected! Also worth noting, the shimmer in What's Your Name is finer but more dense while Smoke and Ashes has larger but less dense shimmer.

One coat of Fast Track and Classic Camel and similarities end at the opacity of the base. The color of the two polishes are no where close to one another and you can see that the shimmer/g-fleck in Fast Track is larger than that found in Classic Camel. CC's shimmer is finer but they seem to have similar density in the two polishes. Pay no mind to the fuzz that got caught on CC.

What's Your Name, Smoke and Ashes, Fast Track, Classic Camel

Two Coats:

Two coats is where all four of these polishes came to life, Smoke and Ashes didn't need one but I added it anyway for congruity. What's Your Name was quickly disappointing me at one coat but the second coat more than made up for it, it covered all the bald spots and added dimension and depth. The same can be said about the three remaining polishes, a second coat made them all the better.

On the nail wheel and swatchsicles too, What's Your Name and Smoke and Ashes are imperceptibly different. Only a polish nerd would see a difference or even care for that matter. But the differences are there. Looking closely you can see the color difference (blue/purple v. green/blue) and finer/smaller texture of the shimmers.  So, is there a dupe? Not quite but you could get away with it I suppose. My vote goes to Smoke and Ashes. I'm on the fence about keeping What's Your Name though, SaA is so much cooler because of the blue base.

I should also add, that before today I had no idea how gold Classic Camel was. I always thought of it before as a really warm beige-y color.

So what do you think about the differences?

What's Your Name, Smoke and Ashes, Fast Track, Classic Camel

No Flash.
What's Your Name, Smoke and Ashes, Fast Track, Classic Camel

 As a sort of Post Script, I want to bring up the fact that I referred to yesterday's manicure as a "v-gap" and while reading my subscriptions this morning I realized I was completely wrong! Fishing 4 Beauty posted an awesome tutorial on a really pretty v-gap this morning and I felt like such a doofus! No worries though, all it means is that I'll have to give it a try for realsies.

Have an outstanding weekend, lovelies!


  1. Wow, that is crazy. Not even close. I must have been smoking something. lol Thanks for doing a comparison!

    1. I know, right? I was right there with you thinking they were super close. Guess not! lol



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