Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunger Games - Riveting

Hello lovelies! Another sunny Tuesday morning has rolled around and since I had a little time to spare before getting ready for work today (obv. putting off other stuff... lol) I thought I would drop y'all a line and say hi. Hi! Sorry, I'm a dork. Anyway, today I'm showing my current manicure: Riveting, from China Glaze's Hunger Games collection. This is the color I wanted to wear to the movie but didn't have the time to do. Can we all say this together, this manicure is... STUNNING! 

Now, I know that I haven't done any fancy artwork or flames or anything for that matter but who cares! Riveting is the most beautiful and radiant glass-fleck metallic orange that I've ever encountered. My nails look as though they are glowing hot embers, the ones that keep the fire burning long into the night.

These photos are showing two luscious coats and a single coat of SV:

China Glaze - Riveting

China Glaze - Riveting 

China Glaze - Riveting 

In other completely unrelated news, both the boyfriend and I have received some incredibly good and encouraging news as of yesterday. I got a positive response to an application I'd submitted (read: my scores qualified me for an interview) and I couldn't be happier for the opportunity. I don't graduate until December (if everything goes to plan) so I was expecting this to be flat out rejected on that basis as well as the fact that it is a rather technical position and I have no field experience. Who cares now, right?! Happy dance!! The really really good news came a little later in the day yesterday, my boyfriend got the job that that he's been wanting for a long time. It's a game changer/career maker for him and he worked very hard during his evaluation and had to wait two months to find out that he beat out the competition so I am very happy for him. 

Also, I want to show my gratitude and say thank you to the wonderful ladies that follow, read, and comment on this little blog of mine. I truly appreciate your comments and it makes my day when one shows up in my inbox for approval. Honestly, thank you. <3


  1. I think this was my favorite color from the HG collection. I am really diggin' orange lately and this one is just so vibrant and alive. Great swatches!

    1. Thanks! Oranges are so hot this spring and I dig it. It's different getting used to it on my nails though, I wear a lot of blues and greens but orange is new to me.

  2. I love Riveting as well! What was really funny was when my mother, while dog sitting for me, used Riveting on her toenails. She's 69 and rockin':-)



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