Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nail catastrophie!

Sunday afternoon I was minding my own business, happy to finally feel better and to have finished laundry and schoolwork, and BAM! Catastrophe struck unexpectedly. There I was, standing at the sink just removing my Fantasy Fire manicure when SNAP went the corner of the nail on my ring finger. On my photo hand no less.  Needless to say, I was shocked and a little bummed. I'm not one to freak out when a nail breaks but it makes me a little pouty, especially since they were so long! This may have been the longest I've ever had them.

I was surprised because I do my best to protect my nails and prevent brittleness. I wear gloves when doing dishes, cleaning the house, or yard work outside. I added a generous amount of glycerin to my acetone and moisturize daily, and I also use the Seche system (Rebuild, Retain, Restore) under my base coat for every manicure. Since this was a weak spot I decided I would use the Recondition bottle more frequently to add more flexibility.

After a little pouting (and some consoling hugs from hunny bunny) I sat down and got to work filing my nails down. I have to say that I was completely surprised how well my filing turned out, I'm not sure I've ever had such even and well shaped nails! lol In the spirit of new, healthier nails, I decided I would share with you all my naked nails. Well, not completely naked... I added a coat of Recondition. :)

Behold... my nakedness!

I'm sorry for the hideous staining, I never/hardly ever go without polish and have never really tried to scrub the stain away. My ring finger has some more intense staining stemming from a layering incident with one of the OPI sorbets and a Milani glitter... my nail was RED for what seemed like forever. 

I'm liking my new shape and this is such an easy length to handle too! My nails look squared off but really they're more squoval than anything, my C-curve is pretty pronounced so the corners tend to disappear. My fingers feel healthy, woo hoo!!


  1. Your nails still have a nice length to them :) But it definitely does suck to have one break.. Sometimes it happens no matter how careful you are :(

    1. Thanks :) They're still long by anyone's standards, it just feels so much shorter than before! I hadn't cut/filed them other than routine maintenance since November I think! Some of my coworkers didn't think they were real! lol



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