Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day watermarble!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope everyone is having fun and being safe, drinking green beer and calling a cab! We were in the local Sons of Erin Parade so we had to get up bright and early to set up our float and decorate the truck. It was lots of fun, tons of people came out! Anyway, I did this mani last night so I would be wearing green from sun up to sun down, meaning... NO pinching! lol It didn't help.

This was my first attempt at a water marble and it turned out great! It was so easy too, but that may be because I've scoped out youtube videos for months now just waiting for the moment to use all the tips. I started with two coats of Orly Fresh, a bright spring/grassy green from last year's Happy Go Lucky collection. Application went smoothly but two coats were needed since it was rather sheer. I knew I wanted some killer sparkle too, so I added one generous coat of Here Comes Trouble from Orly's Pin-up collection. It's a beautiful grass green multi-sized glitter in a slightly green/yellow-green base. For the water marble I alternated Fresh and Holly Day from China Glaze's Let It Snow, 2011 holiday collection. I got Holly Day on super sale at Sally's after Christmas for a single dollar. Score.


I did my right hand first, two nails at a time, and didn't really land the best parts of my swirls. I'll chalk that up to inexperience. I don't think I added enough rings of alternating color or swirled enough. My left hand, which scored the better designs, I plunged all four nails in the water at the same time. I think that'll be my go-to method from now on. 

I used tape around my nails so cleaning up from the water marble was a breeze, if not a little awkward trying to wrangle the tape off my fingers. I ended up using scissors! I finished everything off with a layer of SV after everything was good and dry. This was so easy I honestly can't believe I've waited so long to try it.   I even got a bunch of compliments on this today, from dudes too!

Orly - Fresh and Here Comes Trouble with China Glaze - Holly Day

Above is a quick bottle shot of the three bottles I used, more for my own memory than for any need to share, but here you go anyway! So there we have it, my first holiday "theme" manicure and my first watermarble too! Also, I submitted this to Nouveau Cheap's St. Patrick's Day Manicure Round Up but I didn't get featured. I was a little bummed out but she got a lot of entries and I sent mine in really late. There's always the next holiday round-up!

Well, that's it for me today I've got to keep an eye on my corned beef (the crock-pot crapped out on me today so it's on the stove) and kick up my feet! Éirinn go Brách!


  1. very neat water marble ! I still CANT find my way !! lol but ill keep on trying

    1. Thank you! I was so proud of myself! Lol

      I watched SOOO many videos for technique and I lucked out on my first try. I even tried it out on a scrap business card first to make sure I did it right.

  2. wow that does look great - ive tried marbling about 4 times and none of them even come close to that - nice skills!

    1. 100% pure luck that it turned out so awesome! I have to try it a few more times to make sure I've got it down. Colette at My Simple Little Pleasures (blogspot) has the best videos, I pretty much watched them all before I attempted this!



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