Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm such a tease... with a Private Dancer!

Hello my lovelies and happy Monday! Here I am at the library on campus supposedly finishing a super major important assignment due tomorrow evening but the reality is I'm itching to share a sneak peak of Deborah Lippmann's Private Dancer. I started editing photos last night (also while procrastinating) but since they are on my computer at home and I still have the raw versions on my phone I started to play around with some photo apps to create some cool collages! I promise to spam you with photos and a review of each of the four polishes starting next week, but until then I will give you fancy iPhone collages to drool over!

So, without further ado feast your eyes on my fancypants collage of Private Dancer!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

SpaRitual doesn't disappoint!

Hello lovelies! I'm being a terrible blogger this week, here I teased you with promises of Deborah Lippmann goodies and yet you've seen none. Shame on me! Well, I apologize and say that soon... very soon... there will be lots and lots to show you. This week has been a blur prepping for the end of the semester and finals. I have 20 pages to get written in the next two weeks, so yeah, stress!

I do have some good news, I put in my two weeks today at work because I start my internship on the 14th. I was so nervous and scared because I really admire my boss and find her to be so intelligent and hard working, I didn't want it to go wrong or to disappoint. It went well and I'm feeling really good about it all. My internship will be full time and I'll be working a 4-10 schedule with part of my days spent outdoors in the field under the blazing Vegas sun. Yay for new adventures!

Regrettably, I think I may be bound for some nubbins. I've been battling a split on my photo hand ring finger and Orly's Nail Rescue kit has been a lifesaver but maintaining it with super frequent polish changes is a real bear. Plus, it ruins the finish on some polishes making them look all bubbly. I'm probably not prepping it right or something. Anyway, a day or two ago I basically ripped the free edge off my middle finger of my right hand and it was only hanging on by a tiny bit. I managed to save it with some more nail rescue but it looks all wonky. Really I'm only maintaining it for now until the tear grows out a little further from my hyponychium (the quick) so my nubs won't be so painful. I'm actually very sad about all of this. :'(

So, because I'm a bad blogger and haven't had the time to edit the 400+ photos I've got backed up I'm going to show you all a very pretty SpaRitual polish and one of the scented Color Club polishes I wore aaaaall the way back in December. Yep, December. Bad blogger. My only saving grace is that I took notes on this way back when!

SpaRitual - Shooting Star:

Shooting Star is from SpaRitual's Twinkle Collection for Holiday 2011 and is a red toned purple with amazing multicolored shimmer bits. You can see in the bottle dark purple, blue, red, and gold shimmery bits of amazingness. These photos are with my usual two base coat combo and two coats of polish. Shooting Star was easy enough to manipulate, more thick than thin in texture, and there was a teensy bit of cuticle drag if I was heavy handed with the brush. From my experience SpaRitual polishes dry very shiny and I didn't have top coat on in these photos.

SpaRitual - Shooting Star

SpaRitual - Shooting Star

SpaRitual - Shooting Star

I wore Shooting Star for four days with very minimal tip wear and removal was easy peasy, no shimmer left on the skin which I always count as a plus. Now, really... how beautiful is this polish? I completely forgot how gorgeous this was until I dug into my drafts this afternoon. Btw, SpaRitual polishes have awesome rubberized caps. Love it.

SpaRitual - Shooting Star

Color Club - Very Merry Berry:

For an accent nail I used the very first Color Club polish I ever bought, Very Merry Berry. For some reason Sally's carried CC over the holiday and they were scented! Yes, I know you can get whole collection sets at Ross but what can I say, I prefer the full size cap. Plus, I don't really like all of the colors they release. (I'll do anything to justify my purchases!) lol

Color Club - Very Merry Berry

Color Club - Very Merry Berry

VMB is an interesting glitter and somehow it worked with this many as a great accent and I got lots of compliments. You can see the large fuchsia (or is it magenta?) hex glitters and there are small aqua blue hex glitters and even smaller blue/greenish bits in there too! The large hexes liked to curl up on the edges but the texture wasn't too bad with a few thick layers of tc.

Application of VMB wasn't a nightmare but it wasn't pleasant either, it spread all right but to make everything look balanced I had to place some glitter around the nail. The formula was thick, and even though it dried to the touch with average time it remained soft around the larger glitters. Removal was a nightmare, probably the worst out of any glitter I've ever worn. The foil method hardly made a dent and I had to pick some of the glitters off. No bueno.

VMB was my very first scented polish and the smell was sweet and plesant, not overpowering, and remained well after dry. In fact, the scent lingered until removal. Pretty cool actually.

Color Club - Very Merry Berry

So guys, sorry I've not given you the awesomeness that I promised. BUT, I have been wearing my DLs and will be showing them asap! I just need to get through this end of the semester crunch!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

I got a Zoya in my April Birchbox!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! I can't believe another week has flown by, but it has and here we are. I'm working on some homework (really, am I?) so I'm going to make this shorter than my usual ramblings. Two things: first, I swatched 14 polishes yesterday. It was nuts, I have no idea how bloggers with a daily posting schedule can keep up. At the end of the day my fingertips and cuticles were taught and dry, kudos to all you lovely bloggers who go on regular swatching marathons... because that ish 'aint easy. Second, I got my Deborah Lippmann's Friday afternoon! *Squeee* I will be wearing those and showcasing them as NOTD's rather than rush through swatching just for show. They're my first designer polishes so I want to really savor them.

Now, on to today's polish! For the first time since I signed up for Birchbox back in November (I think?) my box came at the beginning of the month rather than at the end. Score! And to make the deal even sweeter, I got a Zoya mini in my box. Double score!

Zoya - Bevin:

Zoya Bevin is from the Spring 2012 True collection, a collection that I was initially in love with but somehow ended up overlooking since I got very similar colors out of OPI's spring offerings. Bevin is described on Zoya's website as dusty sage green with teal tones, and I agree but for some reason this reminds me of eucalyptus. Who knows, it just keeps popping into my head. Does anyone else think this looks a little like eucalyptus leaves? *Update in draft: totally googled this and yep, I'm right. :)*

I am in love with this color and although I hadn't planned on purchasing it I'm glad I got it as a sample. When this bad boy runs out I'll be buying a replacement!

Zoya - Bevin

Zoya - Bevin

Umm... who woke up with mint on their nails? As you can see, the lamplight brings out the mint in this color... what a color chameleon! These photos are shown with two coats and no tc, and as you can see Bevin is crazy shiny. Btw, can you see my Orly Nail Rescue patch on my ring finger? I did a little filing on the bump so it is a lot more thin in these photos. Swatching yesterday completely wiped out the patch so I'll be redoing it tonight.

Zoya - Bevin

China Glaze - Optical Illusion:

Optical Illusion is another polish I picked up from China Glaze's Prismatic collection. Optical Illusion is a seafoam (to me) green shimmer with a duochromatic shift to purple that is chocked full of multi colored glitters. The color shift doesn't show very well on the nail and personally, I would have preferred this whole collection as just a bunch of duochrome shimmers without the multi-colored glitters. I swatched the last three I have of this collection yesterday and will be showing them soon.

China Glaze - Optical Illusion

China Glaze - Optical Illusion

Righty gets to make another appearance to showcase two easy coats of Optical Illusion. Coverage is decent and I could have gotten away with a single coat over Bevin. Amazing how these two colors compliment each other so well. Pardon the dry skin around my middle finger, with all the notes I take for class I have a never ending callus on the edge of that nail. It's very aggravating

China Glaze - Optical Illusion

China Glaze - Optical Illusion

Well lovelies, that's all I've got for today. I placed an order with Zoya for their Earth Day promo, did anyone else get anything? By the way, does anyone know if they send you packaging to mail back your old polishes for recycling? I don't know about you guys, but Sunday night means new episodes of Frozen Planet and Mad Men and I'll be tuned in! Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CG - Harvest Moon & Electrify

Hello and happy Tuesday! I'm not that excited about Tuesday really... but hey, let's just pretend. :) I feel like I've stepped away from my blog for such a long time when reality is, I just didn't post over the weekend like I normally would. For some reason I just didn't feel up to sitting at my computer and editing photos. And since I've pretty much ran plum out of relevant backlogged posts, I have to edit in order to post now! lol So that's what I did this morning, I edited a few sets of photos so I'll have some content to post. Yay! Are you as excited as I am??

How about an update? Sure, no prob! I'm almost done swatching my collection of polishes and when I'm through I'll put them all in a database and make it public to all you fine ladies. I don't know about you all, but I love a good snoop! I'll also mark which bottles I'm open to swap and/or sell. But let's be honest here, it will probably be at least another month before that comes to fruition. Last night hunny bunny was watching me go through my pinks and reds and I think he finally realized how into this I really am. His comment was, "You're into this like I'm into cars!" And I can attest to that, he's really into classic and antique cars. He has about 6 total in various states of restoration at the moment. :)

Update numero dos! I've got one other post lined up after today's then it's on to HOLO! I'm not super mega freaked out pumped up for holo the way some in the blogosphere can be, but I do have a pretty cool collection considering I only got in the game late last year. I don't have any new collections to show here at Once Upon a Polish... so I thought until I get my Deborah Lippmann order for my birthday (or find a mega cheap way to score some new Zoyas), I could show you the goodies I got from aEngland's last sale and some China Glaze holos I got my hands on. How does that sound? I'm kind of excited since I haven't worn any of them yet!

Ok, now how about some polish?

Harvest Moon:

Harvest Moon is one of the last polishes I got from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection, and it's killer! I put off wearing this spot on warm copper foil (or is it a shimmer??) because I was kind of meh about it. Oh boy was I wrong. I put this stunner on my nails and did a double take I was so smitten. Seriously, it's metallic, copper, and just flat out cool. I love metallics because while they're bright and make a statement, they can be the perfect accent to just about anything you wear, as opposed to, say, a lime green. (Don't get me wrong, I love lime.) I wore this until Saturday night when I changed my mani.

Application wasn't the best, but the weather was weird here the last week or so. So I can't say for certain it wasn't some change in humidity or air pressure. And yes, I believe whole heartedly that weather affects my application. lol At first glance you might think application would be a breeze and that while the polish was a little thin, it put up a little bit of a fight. How is it that a polish is both runny and thick? It was near impossible to get a thin and even coat out of this bottle. Both my first and second coats put up a bit of a fight. I was even worried about bubbling for a quick minute since it went on so thick. Luckily a coat of SV took care of it, even if there was a teeny tiny bit of shrinkage at the tips. Removal was typical with a foil, not difficult but not as easy as a creme would be. Watch out for shimmer fallout with this shade.

I don't even care about the application issues, this lit from within foil more than makes up for it!

China Glaze - Harvest Moon

China Glaze - Harvest Moon

Tell me, do you notice anything different about any one of my fingers in these three photos? Look closely at my ring finger, see that hump? That hump is where I used Orly's repair powder to replace the tea bag patch I'd had on under my Easter mani. I didn't file much of the bump down because the kit doesn't come with that great of a file/buffer and I couldn't find mine with a fine enough grit to prevent damaging my nail when filing/buffing.

From what I can tell, the powder in the kit is the same as acrylic powder but you apply it by dipping your finger into the little pot of powder after brushing on some nail glue. So far I've removed one coat of polish from the patch and it has held up it's end of the bargain. I like how strong it makes my nail feel, knowing that there is a weak and broken bit underneath, but it does feel like I'm wearing a very thin acrylic nail.

I wish I had taken pictures of the application of the fix so I could show you guys the process, but alas... I dropped the ball on that. :)

China Glaze - Harvest Moon


Since I put the patch on my photo hand, I didn't want to worry about soaking it off when dealing with glitter removal so I put my glitter accent nails on my right hand. Say hello to righty! I almost didn't do a glitter accent at all with this mani since I loved Harvest Moon so much, but it turns out that Electrify was the perfect glitter accent! Electrify is a pretty even mix of gold and red glitter looks like an even mix of gold and red glitter but that's just a trick. The mix is actually dominated by tiny gold glitters with larger red glitters filling in the rest! They almost look evenly matched, but nope. More gold but bigger red.

At first I thought that the golden hue of Electrify would over power the copper of Harvest Moon, but they turned out to be the best compliment to one another. These photos show two coats of Electrify over two coats of Harvest moon. Application was a snap, no issues, and neither was removal when using the foil method.

China Glaze - Electrify

China Glaze - Electrify

Well folks, that wraps up all the polishes I picked up from the Hunger Games collection and I can say that I am happy with every single shade I chose. What do you think, which colors did you get from this set? I'm hoping that some of the cremes go on super sale at Sally's and then I'll get them at super discount.

One last thing... thank you for all my new readers that have stopped by and decided to stick around in the last few weeks. I appreciate you hanging out in my corner of the internet. :) You guys are why I decided to throw my hand in the polish game. <3

Friday, April 13, 2012

OPI & Nail-Venturous... My Easter Mani!

Happy Friday! I hope you all are having a lovely day, I'm finishing up at work and then it's time to get in my cozies and relax for the night! Tomorrow we're having friends over for dinner, I missed my friend's baby shower last week because I was sick so I wanted to make it up to them and give her the gift I was going to bring. I'm also hoping to get some housework and homework done this weekend. The semester is almost over and I have something like 30+ pages to write. *sigh* I'm over it.

Anyway, I've got the manicure I wore through Easter weekend. I wanted to do something light and pretty like Easter egg designs but ended up feeling so lousy I just left on what I'd already had. Plus, I didn't have the time to deal with my tea bag patch and removing glitter. This is also the last polish I have from the OPI Holland collection

Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI:

Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI is a very pretty grape-y purple with red undertones and well executed gold shimmer. The way this gold shimmer shows up is how it should have showed up in Wooden Shoe Like to Know?. I wasn't disappointed either, like I was with WSLtK.

It is worth noting that this color is all over the place in the nail world, both Zoya (Tru) and Jessica Cosmetics (Witchy Wisteria) put out versions very similar to this shade. Zoya even has a lighter and dustier version (Lotus). I don't have any of those to compare them all side by side though, sorry. I might buy a lot of polish, but I can't buy every brand's version of the same color! 

OPI- Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI

OPI - Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI

Here's that gold shimmer I was talking about, killer, right?? Application had no issues. One coat gave good coverage but there were enough thin spots to warrant a second coat. Wear was awesome, I got a week (or more?) out of this with just minimal tip wear and only a single chip that showed up after a shower the day I decided it was time to come off! Watch out for shimmer on this shade, it can get all over your cuticles and skin during removal.

Can you see my tea bag patch? Nope? Right on. I didn't use nail glue, I only had Gelous to secure it and that meant lots under my nail. No bueno. It came off when I removed this mani, and that's another reason I waited so long to remove it all.

OPI - Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI

A Dash of Princess:

So, we've all seen swatches of Nail-Venturous Floam right? Unfortunately there aren't as many swatches of A Dash of Princess out there, but the first time I saw it I knew I would make an effort to get my hands on it. And luckily for me, when Ninja Polish restocked Nail-Venturous polishes I got me some! Woo Hoo! I also snagged Floam and Cover Band's Sticks 'N Stones.

Ordering from Ninja Polish was easy, I did it on my phone actually. I think it was in the middle of the night, or early morning when I got the email notification for restock. I really should have taken notes or something to give more accurate info, but shipping was quick and everything came packaged in bubble wrap.

Nail-Venturous - A Dash of Princess

I decided to use A Dash of Princess as an accent on just two fingers for two reasons. One, I wanted to cover up my tea bag patch with glitter so it would be good and secure, and two, it was so thick coming out of the bottle that two fingers was all I could handle. I was not looking forward to removal, that's for sure!

What you see in these photos is just a single coat, with quite a bit of coaxing and poking around to get the glitter spread around on my nails. I think the difficulty here comes from two factors (again? lol), the base is suuuuuper thick and it's so jam packed with glitter. I mean, seriously... TONNES of glitter. There are several different sizes of  hex glitter in solid white, pink, purple, silver, and metallic pink. Oh, and there's some super tiny or micro glitter in there too. The big hex glitters are as big as fish scales!

I finished up ADoP with a single coat of SV. I wouldn't say that this glitter is hungry really, but if you want a super smooth and glassy finish I would recommend a second coat of whichever top coat you use. I didn't use a second because with the extra layers of base coat for my patch my ring and pinky finger nails were almost as thick as acrylics!

Nail-Venturous - A Dash of Princess

Nail-Venturous - A Dash of Princess

Bottle Shot:

Do you see how dense the glitter is in there?? Nuts. I don't know how it's all stuffed in there, honestly! Super cool though, I love it. Even with thickness and placement issues this is one cool glitter and I'll be wearing it again but next time over a light pink or purple color. I kind of want to add thinner to this, but don't want to mess anything up. I think I'll hold off until I've used it a few more times to make that call.

Nail-Venturous - A Dash of Princess

And now, time for a Deborah Lippmann update... I did it. I bought them. BUT, and that's a big but, I don't see myself making another high-end polish purchase any time soon unless I am completely and utterly blown away. Like I was with those on my wish list. For now, I'm just going to enjoy my early birthday present! I think they'll make it in time to wear for my celebration too. *sooo excited*

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sinful Colors - Zeus

Good afternoon, lovelies! I'm in a good mood today and I find it amazing how much a pretty dress, beautiful weather, and being able to breathe again can completely make my day. Any one of those could do it and I lucked out with all three today. Life is good, and don't let anybody tell you any different! (Now, I just need to remember that myself when I'm feeling in the dumps!)

So, today I am going to show you a Sinful Colors polish I picked up right around the time swatches started popping up on the internets in early March - Zeus. Zeus is part of the Sinful Colors Spring/Summer Cast Away Collection (according to google at least because I can't remember on my own... oops) and is a pretty spot on dupe of Nicole by OPI Back to Reality TV. Before this hit the shelves, I was having a hard time sticking to my no-Kardashian related items rule. I was so tempted to  cave and buy the NOPI but I'm glad I waited and got Zeus instead.


Zeus is such a beautiful dusty periwinkle purple brimming with a pink shimmer that refuses to hide. I was staring at my nails the entire time I wore this shade, I love cremes and I love shimmers... but when the two combine like the Wonder Twins to create a creme based shimmer that just glows from within, my resistance crumbles!

All of these photos are two coats of Zeus, application was good. Sometimes it can be hit or miss with SC but this was a hit all the way, baby! Cuticle cleanup was easy too, no worrying about shimmer fallout. One coat of SV gave Zeus a glassy finish.

Sinful Colors - Zeus

Sinful Colors - Zeus 

Sinful Colors - Zeus 

White Light:

Seriously, does your jaw not just drop at that pink shimmer?! I'm in love with this color, it's both demure and in your face at the same time. Saucy! That's what it is, this girl is ready to party straight from the office. lol Like letting down your hair at the end of the day, you know, that swish move you see in shampoo commercials.

Sinful Colors - Zeus 

Sinful Colors - Zeus 

Sinful Colors - Zeus 

Sinful Colors - Zeus 

Ok, now I have a confession to make... I'm craving, no, almost foaming-at-the-mouth drooling after seeing the Deborah Lippmann swatches on Scrangie's blog this morning. Did any of you see these Mirrored Chrome swatches this morning?? I swear, it was enough to get me out of bed before I'd had my morning coffee and rush to my computer so I could snoop them on DL's website. So here's my problem, I've whined about designer polish prices before but I'm about to cave. Should I do it?? My birthday is coming up in three weeks so, in theory, I could justify the cost of my wishlist as a birthday gift to myself. I tend to do that... justify. lol

Here's my wishlist, and don't be afraid to tell me if I'm crazy and should just restrain myself! lol

Private Dancer
Sugar Daddy
Sweet Dreams
Ray of Light
Mermaid's Dream (on the fence with this one, temp. sold out anyway)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Toms + Essie: One Day Without Shoes

Good morning and happy Tuesday! I'm not feeling well, my sinus is in full on rebellion mode and I'm pretty much crippled when I can't breathe. I hope every one's Easter weekend was lovely, we went to my parent's for a late lunch/early dinner and it was a nice relaxing day. Even Monday was pretty awesome, I got my graduation issues squared away AND I found out I landed a killer internship over the summer so I'm super excited. :)

Today I'm going to show you a limited edition Essie polish - Barefoot in Blue - which was released in conjunction with a TOMS promotion, One Day Without Shoes. I learned of the event via Facebook and signed up/pledged to go without shoes today in order to raise awareness of the countless children that go without shoes across the globe.

To be honest, I think I forgot about it until I received a package in the mail with this little gem inside:

Essie - Barefoot in Blue

What a beautiful shade of blue! Needless to say, this went straightaway on to my little toesies and I love it.

Here is the card that came in the package with the polish:

And now, please don't judge... here are my toes, all decked out in Barefoot in Blue. I don't know why one foot looks smaller than the other, I think my feet were at slightly different angles when I took the photo. I am loathe to post pictures of my feet but I haven't had time to change my manicure since last week. I've been feeling very energy drained and crummy. But I wanted to show you how beautiful this shade is and I hope that if you haven't heard of "One Day Without Shoes" yet, I hope you will go to the website and check it out. 

Today should be interesting at work... we've recently had a meeting about dress code issues! I don't think the absence of shoes has ever been brought up though! lol I'll be bringing a pair of sandals in case there are any issues. :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Agro & Cling On - Hunger Games + Magnetix!

Happy Friday! Can you believe it's here already? The week is already over and it feels like it just began! Its Easter weekend and we're booked, the whole weekend is planned to the hilt. *stress*

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet today, showing you the mani I wore basically all week. I only just took it off last night. And down at the bottom is a shot of my newly chopped shorties. I included it because I tend to post manicures out of order and I thought including it in this post would show the loss of length most accurately. I'm shedding no tears, it was time to file and it feels nice to use my finger tips again.


Agro is a beautiful golden olive green from the Hunger Games collection. Even though this is a stunning ONE coater, I wore two because I prefer to. This wore like iron with no chips or tipwear to be seen all week long. Although it was released for the spring, this feels appropriate for the fall as well. I love it and removal was easy as pie.

China Glaze - Agro

China Glaze - Agro

Cling On:

Cling On is the metallic green shade of the Magnetix collection that was also released this spring. I made sure to get the three shades I wanted (including this one) online at a good price, well below retail, because I knew they would be outrageous in the shops if I could find them. They're still around but I'm not paying $10 for the bottle and another $10 for the magnet!

I used two coats, applied the first letting it dry then applying a generous second coat and using the magnet to set the design one nail at a time. The first coat was very sheer with this shade btw. I had no issues with the magnet and really like the effect. It reminds me of tiger's eye the way the effect seems to make the color shift and dance when you move your fingers. Also, the color matches Agro a lot closer when the magnet has been used.

Using SV didn't effect the design but I made sure to let it set before using it as I had heard that top coat could smear or erase the design. If anything, tc set the design and areas where my application was sloppy showed the relaxing of the design as it dried slower than areas under the tc.

Removal of Cling On was the easiest ever, it melted off my fingers with very little effort.

China Glaze - Cling On

China Glaze - Cling On

China Glaze - Cling On

Fancy Finger Pose:

I'll let this sweet finger pose speak for itself. I wanted to show the designs on my fingers in a little more detail. I also used the magnet on the same fingers on my left hand but couldn't seem to take a decent picture. You can also see the light and shaded areas of the magnet design better in this photo.

China Glaze - Cling On

My Shorties: 

*sigh* Here is a shot of my shorties after I filed them down. The break was actually on my right hand and I did a better job filing that hand too. Unfortunately I did some damage to my ring finger on my left hand this morning putting away dishes. I split the nail along a weak point (think: the opposite of a ridge... its like a divot) and had to do a tea bag patch. It's my first try and it will do for today, until I stop at Sally's and pick up some Orly repair powder.

Grumble Grumble Grumble. 


Enjoy your weekend, lovelies, and Happy Easter!

Wooden Shoe Like to Know? Fail.

Holy cow, it's Thursday? Usually I'm over the moon about Thursdays but today I had to call in sick from work because what I thought was allergies has turned into a full blown head cold of some sort. No bueno. When I can't breathe through my nose I'm generally not a happy camper. Oh, and I've got a baby shower to go to tonight... I don't know if I should go, I don't want to get the mother-to-be sick.

Also, I broke a nail (two in fact) while exploring WinCo last night so I had to file down my nails again. That's ok though, they were long enough to drive me nuts anyway. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy my massage yesterday. How could I have gone so long without one?!?

In honor of my disappointing nail break and surprise sinus congestion (gross I know, I'm sorry) I am going to show you a manicure I wore and was sadly disappointed in. For some reason, every swatch I saw of Wooden Shoe Like to Know? before I bought it had a hint of purple or mauve or taupe in it and that is what I was hoping for when I slapped this baby on. As you can see, no purple... no mauve... no taupe. And barely a shimmer to be seen, unless in direct or bright light. Le sigh.

Wooden Shoe Like to Know?:

Two coats, no topcoat. Very easy application of this 100% completely chocolate brown polish. Don't get me wrong, for a chocolate brown this is a beautiful execution. It's creamy and rich with a deeply hidden copper shimmer. I can't help but be a little let down, it just fell flat on me.

OPI - Wooden Shoe Like to Know? 

OPI - Wooden Shoe Like to Know?

OPI - Wooden Shoe Like to Know? 

Copper Shimmer:

In an attempt to liven up WSLtK, I sponged on CND Effects in Copper Shimmer. I sponged because unlike the sparkles, Copper Shimmer shows very visible brush strokes (sometimes, if not careful in application) and I wanted something a little more subtle that would give the flatness I felt a little more body.

In these lamplight photos you can see a little bit of the texture that sponging left, this is under a layer of tc so by texture I mean varying densities of shimmer. Sponging did a little to raise my spirits but it was still difficult to overcome my disappointment.

CND - Copper Shimmer over OPI - Wooden Shoe Like to Know?

CND - Copper Shimmer over OPI - Wooden Shoe Like to Know? 

CND - Copper Shimmer over OPI - Wooden Shoe Like to Know? 

Uuummm... check out the shimmer NOW! My sponging really made a difference in direct/bright light and that made me a lot happier. Only comment, I wish Copper Shimmer was actually "Copper Sparkle." I should also note, I took this off by the next morning and it was easy peasy.

CND - Copper Shimmer over OPI - Wooden Shoe Like to Know? 

CND - Copper Shimmer over OPI - Wooden Shoe Like to Know? 

CND - Copper Shimmer over OPI - Wooden Shoe Like to Know? 

Now my dears, I am off to cozy up on the couch with my kindle and try to breathe. XOXO


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