Thursday, April 5, 2012

Agro & Cling On - Hunger Games + Magnetix!

Happy Friday! Can you believe it's here already? The week is already over and it feels like it just began! Its Easter weekend and we're booked, the whole weekend is planned to the hilt. *stress*

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet today, showing you the mani I wore basically all week. I only just took it off last night. And down at the bottom is a shot of my newly chopped shorties. I included it because I tend to post manicures out of order and I thought including it in this post would show the loss of length most accurately. I'm shedding no tears, it was time to file and it feels nice to use my finger tips again.


Agro is a beautiful golden olive green from the Hunger Games collection. Even though this is a stunning ONE coater, I wore two because I prefer to. This wore like iron with no chips or tipwear to be seen all week long. Although it was released for the spring, this feels appropriate for the fall as well. I love it and removal was easy as pie.

China Glaze - Agro

China Glaze - Agro

Cling On:

Cling On is the metallic green shade of the Magnetix collection that was also released this spring. I made sure to get the three shades I wanted (including this one) online at a good price, well below retail, because I knew they would be outrageous in the shops if I could find them. They're still around but I'm not paying $10 for the bottle and another $10 for the magnet!

I used two coats, applied the first letting it dry then applying a generous second coat and using the magnet to set the design one nail at a time. The first coat was very sheer with this shade btw. I had no issues with the magnet and really like the effect. It reminds me of tiger's eye the way the effect seems to make the color shift and dance when you move your fingers. Also, the color matches Agro a lot closer when the magnet has been used.

Using SV didn't effect the design but I made sure to let it set before using it as I had heard that top coat could smear or erase the design. If anything, tc set the design and areas where my application was sloppy showed the relaxing of the design as it dried slower than areas under the tc.

Removal of Cling On was the easiest ever, it melted off my fingers with very little effort.

China Glaze - Cling On

China Glaze - Cling On

China Glaze - Cling On

Fancy Finger Pose:

I'll let this sweet finger pose speak for itself. I wanted to show the designs on my fingers in a little more detail. I also used the magnet on the same fingers on my left hand but couldn't seem to take a decent picture. You can also see the light and shaded areas of the magnet design better in this photo.

China Glaze - Cling On

My Shorties: 

*sigh* Here is a shot of my shorties after I filed them down. The break was actually on my right hand and I did a better job filing that hand too. Unfortunately I did some damage to my ring finger on my left hand this morning putting away dishes. I split the nail along a weak point (think: the opposite of a ridge... its like a divot) and had to do a tea bag patch. It's my first try and it will do for today, until I stop at Sally's and pick up some Orly repair powder.

Grumble Grumble Grumble. 


Enjoy your weekend, lovelies, and Happy Easter!


  1. My one complaint about the Magnetix Collection is that the magnet needs to be waaaaaaaaaaaay stronger. I prefer a stronger magnet like, say, the nails inc. magnet. It also took a few tries to get the hang of where to position the magnet for the best results. When these first came out, I got all but one because my nail place sells them for $5. I think maybe the magnetic craze is dying down and will go the way of the crackle mania.

    1. I haven't tried any other magnetic polishes. To be honest I'm not that into the fad but I think it's cool so I only bought three shades and the magnet. I got them pretty cheap too, so I'm happy with what I got out of the magnet. Really, it performed rather well and I had no issues. But then again I don't have any other magnets to compare it too.

      Oh, and WHY won't crackly go away?! lol



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