Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Butter London Wallis - Lemming... squashed!

Hello all out there in the Internet wonderland! It's Wednesday, and that usually means a day spent on campus locked in classrooms and study cubes in the library... but not today! I know I've mentioned it before but this week is spring break for me and thus far I have successfully put all school related thoughts out of my mind. Well, not entirely. There are some issues with scheduling for the fall semester (last one EVER!), as in they aren't offering ANY of the classes I need! I have an appt. Monday with my advisor to find appropriate substitutions so all hope is not lost.

Today is an extraordinarily special Wednesday, and not just because I'm on break, but because I am about to have my first ever massage! A dear friend of mine is a massage therapist and offered me a massage so I gratefully accepted, I'm taking her out to lunch after as thanks. I'm so excited, and grateful! Since I've been given this wonderful opportunity, I've decided to also treat myself to a pedicure afterward. Then grocery shopping, a trip to Target, and exploring the new WinCo Foods in my part of town. Sounds amazing doesn't it??

I've also been busy swatching my "trieds" and I think I will run out of swatchsicles before I'm done. That means I have over 200 polishes. Am I surprised? No, not really. But I have learned a lot more about my collection that I'd previously been aware of. I'll be sure to share the wealth when I'm through with all this. So, in honor of finishing my greens today I thought I would share with you a mani I wore last week. Butter LONDON - Wallis!

butter LONDON - Wallis: 

Wallis is one of those colors that everyone has already seen, but I can't resist showing it to y'all. I've wanted this polish since it was released last fall, but at that time I was very hesitant to shell out the $14-17. Then, Ulta had the amazing BOGO sale and I finally got my first butter LONDON polishes... but not Wallis. It was sold out by the time I was able to make it to the shop. I was determined at this point to to buy this color but for months it seemed to be out of stock at every single Ulta in town. And yes, I went to all of them. I refuse to pay $3 more to purchase it online and then shipping costs on top of that. Luckily for me, however, I finally found a bottle after I'd practically given up all hope. YAY!

Wallis is a stunning dirty, metallic, golden olive microglitter in a sheer brownish/olive base. I used two coats in these photos. The first coat was very sheer and patchy leading me to believe that I would need three coats, but the second coat concealed all flaws and left me practically speechless. *swoon* I've found that with all my BL polishes, the second coat is to die for.

Butter London - Wallis 

I wore this mani for no more than three days before I dug in to my Hunger Games polishes, even though I loved it I couldn't wait any longer to wear Stone Cold. It was calling out my name! Removal was better than expected, the microglitter was a little rough but the foil method wasn't necessary. If you don't have this polish already, bite the bullet and go get it already! :)

Butter London - Wallis

Butter London - Wallis 

Now, lovelies, I'm off to go get my first ever massage! Happy Hump Day! <3


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