Tuesday, April 17, 2012

CG - Harvest Moon & Electrify

Hello and happy Tuesday! I'm not that excited about Tuesday really... but hey, let's just pretend. :) I feel like I've stepped away from my blog for such a long time when reality is, I just didn't post over the weekend like I normally would. For some reason I just didn't feel up to sitting at my computer and editing photos. And since I've pretty much ran plum out of relevant backlogged posts, I have to edit in order to post now! lol So that's what I did this morning, I edited a few sets of photos so I'll have some content to post. Yay! Are you as excited as I am??

How about an update? Sure, no prob! I'm almost done swatching my collection of polishes and when I'm through I'll put them all in a database and make it public to all you fine ladies. I don't know about you all, but I love a good snoop! I'll also mark which bottles I'm open to swap and/or sell. But let's be honest here, it will probably be at least another month before that comes to fruition. Last night hunny bunny was watching me go through my pinks and reds and I think he finally realized how into this I really am. His comment was, "You're into this like I'm into cars!" And I can attest to that, he's really into classic and antique cars. He has about 6 total in various states of restoration at the moment. :)

Update numero dos! I've got one other post lined up after today's then it's on to HOLO! I'm not super mega freaked out pumped up for holo the way some in the blogosphere can be, but I do have a pretty cool collection considering I only got in the game late last year. I don't have any new collections to show here at Once Upon a Polish... so I thought until I get my Deborah Lippmann order for my birthday (or find a mega cheap way to score some new Zoyas), I could show you the goodies I got from aEngland's last sale and some China Glaze holos I got my hands on. How does that sound? I'm kind of excited since I haven't worn any of them yet!

Ok, now how about some polish?

Harvest Moon:

Harvest Moon is one of the last polishes I got from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection, and it's killer! I put off wearing this spot on warm copper foil (or is it a shimmer??) because I was kind of meh about it. Oh boy was I wrong. I put this stunner on my nails and did a double take I was so smitten. Seriously, it's metallic, copper, and just flat out cool. I love metallics because while they're bright and make a statement, they can be the perfect accent to just about anything you wear, as opposed to, say, a lime green. (Don't get me wrong, I love lime.) I wore this until Saturday night when I changed my mani.

Application wasn't the best, but the weather was weird here the last week or so. So I can't say for certain it wasn't some change in humidity or air pressure. And yes, I believe whole heartedly that weather affects my application. lol At first glance you might think application would be a breeze and that while the polish was a little thin, it put up a little bit of a fight. How is it that a polish is both runny and thick? It was near impossible to get a thin and even coat out of this bottle. Both my first and second coats put up a bit of a fight. I was even worried about bubbling for a quick minute since it went on so thick. Luckily a coat of SV took care of it, even if there was a teeny tiny bit of shrinkage at the tips. Removal was typical with a foil, not difficult but not as easy as a creme would be. Watch out for shimmer fallout with this shade.

I don't even care about the application issues, this lit from within foil more than makes up for it!

China Glaze - Harvest Moon

China Glaze - Harvest Moon

Tell me, do you notice anything different about any one of my fingers in these three photos? Look closely at my ring finger, see that hump? That hump is where I used Orly's repair powder to replace the tea bag patch I'd had on under my Easter mani. I didn't file much of the bump down because the kit doesn't come with that great of a file/buffer and I couldn't find mine with a fine enough grit to prevent damaging my nail when filing/buffing.

From what I can tell, the powder in the kit is the same as acrylic powder but you apply it by dipping your finger into the little pot of powder after brushing on some nail glue. So far I've removed one coat of polish from the patch and it has held up it's end of the bargain. I like how strong it makes my nail feel, knowing that there is a weak and broken bit underneath, but it does feel like I'm wearing a very thin acrylic nail.

I wish I had taken pictures of the application of the fix so I could show you guys the process, but alas... I dropped the ball on that. :)

China Glaze - Harvest Moon


Since I put the patch on my photo hand, I didn't want to worry about soaking it off when dealing with glitter removal so I put my glitter accent nails on my right hand. Say hello to righty! I almost didn't do a glitter accent at all with this mani since I loved Harvest Moon so much, but it turns out that Electrify was the perfect glitter accent! Electrify is a pretty even mix of gold and red glitter looks like an even mix of gold and red glitter but that's just a trick. The mix is actually dominated by tiny gold glitters with larger red glitters filling in the rest! They almost look evenly matched, but nope. More gold but bigger red.

At first I thought that the golden hue of Electrify would over power the copper of Harvest Moon, but they turned out to be the best compliment to one another. These photos show two coats of Electrify over two coats of Harvest moon. Application was a snap, no issues, and neither was removal when using the foil method.

China Glaze - Electrify

China Glaze - Electrify

Well folks, that wraps up all the polishes I picked up from the Hunger Games collection and I can say that I am happy with every single shade I chose. What do you think, which colors did you get from this set? I'm hoping that some of the cremes go on super sale at Sally's and then I'll get them at super discount.

One last thing... thank you for all my new readers that have stopped by and decided to stick around in the last few weeks. I appreciate you hanging out in my corner of the internet. :) You guys are why I decided to throw my hand in the polish game. <3


  1. Those 2 look good together! I didn't think they would but they do.

    1. I know, I was surprised they looked so well together considering they don't look that close side by side in the bottle.

  2. I went bananas and got all of them as soon as they came out. I shouldn't have gotten the glitters because I'm just not a glitter person even though I try to be. I haven't worn any of the colors since I swatched them which makes me think that I don't like the collection as much as I thought I did. However, it's also harder to wear all the polishes we acquire...once you get to a certain point, it's like you fall into a black hole of nail polish. I need to find a way to stop growing my collection at this break-neck pace. At least they won't go bad like my lip gloss collection. That one hurt!

    I really liked Harvest moon!

    1. I tend to do that too but lately I've been a little more selective so I don't end up with a bunch of colors I don't really care for. Worki g through my untrieds isn't even fun really, since they're nothing I'm really excited about, a lot of older colors I got for next to free. Luckily I liked all of the shades I got from this collection!



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