Monday, April 2, 2012

SC Cinderella

Hello lovelies! Today is the first day of my spring break and I've been busy cleaning house and swatching my collection. I know the first part doesn't sound that exciting, and not nearly as fun  as say... a trip to the beach. But housework has been sorely needed around these parts so I'm glad to be finally getting around to it. And even though I'm cleaning today, I'm so much more relaxed than I was over the weekend. I was so busy this weekend it was unreal, I'm still trying to catch up! I'm even still wearing my "cat's claws" mani because I had no time for a polish change. 

Since I had absolutely no time to myself this weekend, I'm digging out this draft from about two weeks ago (or maybe longer, but I didn't check) so I show you all this pretty pretty princess of a polish, Cinderella. Seriously, isn't that the most perfect name ever for this?? It's Cinderella's dress in a bottle and I can't get enough. I was a Disney girl growing up and Cinderella was one of my favorites so I was excited to get my hands on this pretty almost as soon as I started seeing swatches popping up online.

Please pardon my super red fingers! I'm getting better at photographing with my phone, but sometimes I just doesn't work out at all. Every single picture I took turned out red. Hmph.


These photos are two easy coats of Cinderella, a sheer baby blue with an almost jelly-like squishy-ness and killer pink shimmer. Two coats leaves some serious VLN but since I like the sheer look I don't mind. Application was not difficult but not extraordinarily easy either, I recommend using as few brushstrokes as possible because this polish tends to tighten up pretty quickly when the cap is off and it can get a little gummy. This manicure wore well for several days and removal was painless even if there was a little extra effort needed to cleanup all the shimmah.

Sinful Colors - Cinderella 

Sinful Colors - Cinderella 

Sinful Colors - Cinderella 

Way up top, you know... up there ^ ...I said I was swatching my collection. Yes, finally! I managed to get through a third or so of the polishes that I've already worn swatched today. I'm hoping to finish all my "used" polishes by wednesday and hopefully my untrieds (which are mostly colors that I'm not in a rush to wear at all) too. I'll let you all know when I'm finished and I've put together the spreadsheet for that tab up top. I wonder how many I have... 


  1. My hands always look red in photos too :( I blame indoor lighting. The only way I can avoid it is by taking pics at the window in the sunlight.

    1. I blame my camera! lol I only use my iPhone so taking outdoor/natural light photos is difficult. Everything looks washed out. :( I'm working on it, one day I'll have a nicer camera. My old point-n-click died on me about a year or two ago so this is all I've got!



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