Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zoya Blogger Collection by Birchbox - Coraline & Belle

Hello lovelies, and happy best Thursday ever! I am done. Doneski. Finite. The semester is over and I made it! I wrote four papers in the last week as well as studying for my finals so needless to say I am completely and utterly mentally exhausted. But so, soooo happy! It's now officially my summer and I've got a whole weekend to celebrate before I start my internship on Monday. Luckily, in about two weeks I'm heading home to Indiana for a much needed visit to see my family and watch my brother graduate from high school. I'm a proud sissy. <3 Also in amazing news, my mom informed me this morning that when I come home we're having a fancy garden party (in addition to the pig pickin' I'm sure we're also having) and croquet will be happening. Life is good, my friends.

Fear not, during my seemingly extended absence from blogging - it really feels like forever, not to mention I have tons of posts to read through my blogroll - I have been changing my manicure up whenever possible. I have loads of photos (think in terms of hundreds), I got my Zoya Earth Day Promo package, and I got my Zoya Blogger Collection! I'm slowly working through the editing process and uploading drafts and it feels good.

When I heard about the Zoya Blogger Collection by Birchbox and saw that they were orange and coral hues, I was at my computer asap to place an order because as far as my experience has shown, previous limited edition Zoya boxed sets have gone pretty quickly. Plus, I had a huge pile of Birchbox points to use up. So not only was shipping free, I didn't pay a dime for this set. As of right now, the set is still available here if you're interested. (not an affiliate link)

Say what you will about Birchbox, whether you like the service or not, but I have had nothing but good experiences with them. I had a shipping delay on an order I placed and before I even had time to wonder they'd emailed me to apologize and I got a stack of points added to my account. Then, last month I had a duplicate item in my box (that I hadn't even noticed) and they again preemptively sent me an apology and more points! Kudos to Birchbox customer service!

Now, check out some pictures of what arrived in my order!

Nifty card secured to the polish box with a black ribbon.

Pretty box of polish goodies: Zoya Coraline, Kate, & Belle.

Inside of card.

The inside of the card says pretty much everything you need to know about the collection, including the blogs and colorboards that inspired each of the polishes. I've gone and checked out each of these blogs and now read one of them through my Google Reader, but it would have been neat if there had been more input from the nail blogging community. I'll keep my fingers that Zoya does something like this again.

Since I took what feels like a million photos of this collection I'm going to break it up into three parts. If you like, I can do a fourth with all three colors but far fewer photos. I'm going to be blasting your eyeballs with swatches at two coats, three coats, with the shimmer layered on top, a shimmer jelly sandwich, and finally matte. Seriously, it's worth all the pictures. These polishes look like candy on my nails! NOM NOM NOM!

Zoya Coraline:

2 coats:

The card suggests using a single coat for a wash of color... well, don't. lol A single coat was near impossible to make even, it was just patchy even though the formula is amazing and free flowing. Not too thick and not too runny. Here is two coats and I could see myself wearing this as is but more likely I would add a third. I think this would be layered over OPI A Roll in the Hague, don't you? So squishy and the color of Sunkist orange soda!

3 coats:

Three coats is IMO a much improved look, I would definitely wear this as a plain jelly manicure. I should also mention that I was swatching just this hand for all of these photos and even with hardly any wait time between coats, the formula was perfect and I had no issues with dragging or application. Look how shiny, and blindingly orange! Love it.

Zoya Belle:

Belle is a sheer layering polish with what looks in some photos to be a color shifting shimmer or glass fleck in a pink grapefruit base. I think I'm going to go with glass fleck. Yep, that's it. :) In these photos is one thin and easily applied coat of Belle over three coats of Coraline.

Shimmer Jelly Sandwich:

Ugh, this is the best. Three coats of Coraline, one coat of Belle, and a final coat of Coraline. With Coraline on top of Belle, the shimmer/fleck is most noticeable under very bright lights and gives this jelly sammich some major depth. I will definitely wear this again, possibly with fewer underwear coats. Take a minute and let this awesomeness sink in, I promise it is worth it (and this massive amount of pictures)!


After five coats of jelly shimmer nom goodness, I added a matte top coat just for funzies. Yes, funzies. The shimmer gets a little lost, and so do my words. I can't seem to find the right way to describe this... crayon... wax? Pretty neat! Also, it looks neon when matte. I know it is rather bright under normal application, but these last two photos are almost blinding!

In closing, I missed you guys and I'm glad to be back! It's also pretty cool to see some new readers stopped by to subscribe to my little blog thingy, hi guys! Drop me a line so I can stop by and say hi, I like to subscribe to my subscribers. :) Also there will be plenty of Deborah Lippmann photos soon to make up for my teaser collages from last week! 

P.S. I trimmed my nails down to near nubbins earlier this week and it feels good, almost liberating, to feel my fingertips again! I like 'em.


  1. I love these colors so much! especially the sammich =]
    I am drooling all over birchbox right now. I ALMOST bought this collection, but I didn't have enough points to cover it and shipping, which I really needed because birchbox points don't count in a no-buy! that I'm cheating on..

    anyway instead I got Cho and Tru from the spring collection =]

    1. Shipping on this was free! I love Zoya, I've never had a problem with their formula and I'm so happy my little collection is growing. :)

      I've never really held myself to a no buy, but I definitely go through periods where I buy nothing because I'm just not interested. Good luck!

  2. Wow. This is so cool! Thank you for sharing:) I'm actually wearing 3 coats of beautiful Zoya Coraline right now!

    1. You're very welcome! :) It is such a beautiful color, I can't wait to play with layering it over my other orange hues.



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