Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Zoya Blogger Collection by Birchbox - Belle

Hello lovelies! Oh, how I have missed you all. I can honestly say I am completely pooped, exhausted, wiped out. I started my internship this Monday and have been working outside for good portions of the day since. Today we walked six miles of transects and my legs are feeling a little wobbly and my feet are sore. I swear, I walk in the door in the afternoon and I pass out! It's nuts really, and no matter how tired I am at the end of the day I am just so excited about this opportunity. Wildlife biology, woo hoo!

Obviously I haven't been that active here at Once Upon a Polish... but that is more a product of not being active with anything! lol I have something like 400 blog posts to go through in my reader, too. So, since I have the house to myself I thought I would take a minute from trying to get my act together (ie. laundry - hasn't been done in a month) to show you the third and final polish from the Birchbox trio, Belle.

Per the usual, here's the three together:

Zoya - Belle:

Two Coats:

But really, it could be three. I just can't remember so please, forgive me. Belle is a juicy grapefruit color shifting glass fleck beauty included with the trio as the perfect compliment for layering. In my posts on Coraline and Kate I played with layering and Belle works wonderfully with both colors. And the formula is to die for. Just like Coraline and Kate, application was easy and without drag while previous paint layers were still wet.

The bright light photos really bring out the orange/coral undertones, but when you scroll down to the lamplight photos you get the loveliest seashell pink that changes the look up completely. To be honest, I prefer the soft pink of this polish that comes out when worn alone.


Just gorgeous! I think matte is the perfect finish for Belle, you get the best of both worlds - coral and soft pink. Plus, the glass fleck gives it a really soft look. The last photo is my favorite.

I'm sorry I've included so many photos in these last three posts but I couldn't resist! Each one looked so good and juicy. Now, lets look to the future shall we! I'll be posting my DL's finally and hopefully figuring out what a good posting schedule will be for me for the rest of the summer!


  1. This is a total winner in my book. You keep making me want this even though I should not be buying anymore polish. Your nails look so good. I keep looking down at my nubs and I kind of miss my longer nails. Oh well...they will grow soon enough.

    You seem really happy with your internship so the sore feet will just have to get used to it! :)

    1. I love this the most matted, it seems to have so much more dimension that way. Don't worry, your nails will grow back! Unfortunately for me, I'm also at nubbins status right now. After I took these pictures I was tired of dealing with repairing my problem areas so I cut them all down. I'm actually liking it a little more than I'd expected. I can feel my fingertips again!! lol

      I'm really loving my internship even though it is kicking my butt! It is so exciting seeing how my career could possibly shape up. It will just take a week or so to get used to the heat!



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