Thursday, June 28, 2012

China Glaze Neon NOTD with Stamping Skittles

Look, more stamping and skittles to boot! And I've got a tan! Or really, just tan hands. :/ So far this summer I've spent a lot of effort protecting myself from the harsh desert sun while working outside, but what I've foolishly forgotten is SPF for my hands. They're the only part of me that is exposed during the day so... Yeah, I need some SPF'd (pronounced spuuffed) up hand crème. Unscented preferably so I don't attract bees and flying critters. Any suggestions gals?

I'm wearing today, China Glaze Pink Plumeria as a base and used Love's A Beach to stamp. At first I just wanted to do chevrons with tape, like you see on my ring finger, but it was too difficult and aggravating so I brought out my Bundle Monster plates (set 2) to play. I really want the new set but need to get better at stamping before I can justify the purchase. I think I'll also finally cave and get some decent stamping polishes.

Yesterday I broke a nail and got stabbed by thorns when I lost a battle with a Catsclaw Acacia, so I'm down to shorties. I love when my nails get long, they make my fingers look longer and more elegant, but I also love getting to feel my fingertips again! I provided you with a sparkly cover up of my boo-boo so as to not subject you to its angry redness.

Damn, look at my tan fingers... I wish my legs had that much color! Xoxo


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