Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Layla Hologram Effect casts a Mermaid Spell!

Good afternoon and Happy Humpday everyone! I hope your day has flown by as fast as mine has, I'm still getting used to a 4 day work week but it gets easier every day. Tomorrow is my Friday, yay!

Today I'm going to show you the mani I am currently wearing, my NOTW if you will, Layla Hologram Effect in Mermaid Spell. Normally I wouldn't have purchased this, at only 10mL I'm too cheap to shell out $15, but I did anyway out of frustration when I failed yet again to find Butter London
Lillibet's Jubilee at my local Ulta. The coupon I had in my pocket helped make the decision for me, as usual.

LED Lighting: (It turns out what I thought was fluorescent light is in actuality LED, oops!)

Mermaid Spell is a linear holographic polish with a light blue/green tint that looks mostly like a light blue. I wanted Jade but it is such a washed out green it looked almost plain silver, so I  opted for this one and I'm happy I did. Mermaid Spell is different from any of my other holo shades (I'll show you all some day!).

The instructions on the bottle recommend applying this lacquer on buffed bare nails. You can even purchase a little Layla file, found on the display, if you wish. I however have my aqua base from my Jessica Cos. Disco Diva set and opted to use it instead. I cannot stand to go without my base coats so I applied Seche Recondition and Gelous before adding two coats of my aqua base. I made
sure they were completely dry before applying Mermaid Spell.

What you see here is three coats of lacquer. The first was very sheer, the second still left a hint of VNL (not usually a problem for me but in the case of holo, I cannot abide), and the third coat was for good measure and gave me coverage I was happy with. I waited until each coat was fully dry before adding another. I also added a coat of Seche Vite because I thoroughly believe in top coat (and
I'm spoiled by the quick dry) even if it is ill-advised for linear holos like this one. Some say it diminishes the effect of the holo, I say look for yourselves and see if you can tell.

For these photos I stitched pairs together, one side top coated and the other before I applied it. Now, tell me if you can pick the top coated photos. The more I look the easier it is to see a slight difference but in all
honesty it could be my crappy iPhone pictures pumping out slightly blurry, low quality photos. One of these days I'll save up enough to get a nice DSLR so I can take slightly blurry, high quality photos! Maybe one day when I get a real job. :)

I will be sure to reveal which pictures showcase the top-coated nails at the
bottom of this post. No peeking!

Incandescent Lighting:

One thing I really liked about the Layla polish, is that even though it is a linear holographic polish it doesn't look flat and lifeless in incandescent/lamp lighting. You can see in the following photos that there is still dimension on the nail and even a little of the linear holo is visible. That in and of itself scores mega points with me.

Jessica Cosmetics Disco Diva, a silver linear holo, was next to hideous in regular lighting. It just looked flat and boring. You can see my swatch of Disco Diva HERE! Luckily the drabness of regular lighting on DD was overcome by the sheer magnitude of holo. Mermaid Tale, on the other hand, is pretty in all lighting and may even be worth the extra cost. Posting all this good news about this lacquer is making me want to go back for Jade!


Mermaid Tale in the sunlight is mind blowing and I've caught myself a few times distracting myself at work when I should be paying attention to other, far more important, things. So, yesterday, when I got home from work I snapped a photo in the afternoon sun to show off the holo brilliance. A'int she a 'beaut?

Please pardon my dry skin and cuticles, being out in the field all day is taking its toll on my hands and nails! Sadly I've had several breaks and I'm sure I'll be soon sporting much shorter nails for the duration of the summer. *sigh*


How about some non-nail, blog related, news?! I don't know how you guys all read my blog, but mostly I do my reading through Google Reader. I'm either a GFC subscriber, have subscribed to an RSS feed through the same reader, or have manually entered your blog/tumblr's web address. But like I said, I have no clue how you guys read me. SO, what I would like you to do today if you have the time, is to click through and take a peek around.

I've renovated the place!

I've been fussing with my blog layout and design trying to make it more closely fit my personality rather than using one of the plain blogger templates, I would love to know what you think. I have no html or css skill so this is just the final result of tweaking what blogger has provided. Your honest opinion will mean the world to me! Is the chevron pattern too busy for your eyes? Is the white font on grey difficult to read, would larger text help? Is my screen size/width too large for easy viewing? I have a very large widescreen monitor so I can't tell how it looks on smaller screens.

How about the way I've laid out this post? I've been wanting to try the wrap-around text with photos to the side for ever, but it was a terrible pain in the ass to format this afternoon! This post would have been up hours ago had it not been such a pain. (Nevermind on this one, as much as I like the way this looks, it is far too much trouble for me to fuck with.) A big ol' sad face on that.

And finally, lest I forget, I created a twitter for this blog! You can find my "Follow Me" button up top and to the side if you are interest in interacting via the twitterverse. I'm new to this arena so check me out! I'll be sure to follow you back. :)  My handle is @onceuponapolish

P.S. Photos on the left are without top coat, photos on the right are with.


  1. How long did it take for you to complete your mani, from dry, bare nail, to top coat? I'm very paranoid about dry times lately. I got impatient and then I get bubbles..

    I really like this mani, and I really like your new layout. I should do something to my blog as well.... (I follow you with bloglovin' btw)

    1. It is hard to say exactly how long it took to do this because I did it while watching Mad Men Sunday night and hollering outside to the bf when commercials were over. Basically I took my sweet ass time and just relaxed, I was done before the show ended if that's any indication. None of the layers took particularly long to dry either, I just wanted to make sure that I didn't get any dragging or "holo cracks."

      I'm generally pretty impatient also, but seem to only get bubbles when it is either too hot or cold in the house or I've got the fan on. I loathe bubbles and usually have to remove bubbly manis asap.

      Who knew blog maintenance was so time consuming!? I'm glad you like the changes, I like it a lot more than before!

  2. This was exactly why I purchased Mermaid Spell instead, because the Jade/Green one looked so washed out. Lol. I still need to try aqua base, whenever I use these, they chip super fast!

    1. I've never worn any of the finicky holos without am aqua base but I can tell you I haven't had any issues with chipping all week using the set up I described.

      I just realized I started calling this polish Mermaid Tale like the Orly, not Mermaid Spell! Oops! lol

  3. Mermaid Spell and Flash Back are the next two holos on my list once I get some more Ulta coupons. lol I absolutely love the linear holos I got from Layla. I do have chipping issues so I do want to invest in a aqua base.

    Regarding your layout: I really like it! I think it's very crisp and clean. The color contrast with the font and background color make it super easy to read. I don't know how to follow blogs that aren't wordpress I just bookmark. I haven't looked into bloglovin or anything like that.



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