Thursday, June 21, 2012

Layla Hologram Flash Black & China Glaze Under the Boardwalk

Hey lovelies, happy day after hump day! This hump day was particularly special because I worked extra hard this week collecting data in the field that I finished early for the week! That means no field work in triple digit heat for me today, sweet, sweet relief. And, I think it is pretty cool that the summer solstice occurred on Hump Day. Maybe that's just me. :)

Also, I won a giveaway! Yep, little ol' me! Last week I found out I won Layla Hologram Flash Black from Ashley at Passion for Polish. Ashley's got a really cute blog and does great stamping and nail art, I really like her "polish personality!" Plus, she's got beautiful nails! You should check out her blog HERE, and her Twitter HERE.

Check it out, I took these photos out in the middle of the Mojave desert! Well, on the side of the highway out in the middle of nowhere. lol The truck drivers must have thought I was nuts. It was legit though, I was taking pictures of plants for identification purposes also. So there, truck drivers, don't judge me. :P

Ahh, holo goodness in the desert sun! *swoon*

How about some extras that I took at home when I finished my mani! I really wanted something bright to contrast the charcoal of Flash Black and one of China Glaze's new Neons, Under the Boardwalk, fit the bill perfectly. And to think, I almost didn't purchase this color because I hadn't been impressed with swatches I'd seen! I'll have swatches of my Neons soon, promise. :)

Trigger mani with an accent nail! Ya dig?

Bottle shots under LED lighting:


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