Sunday, June 24, 2012

My picks from the China Glaze Neons: The Blues!

Greetings lovelies, how are we feeling today? Hungover from a late night or settling down on the couch for a lazy Sunday? Myself, I'm exhausted! I dragged my butt out of bed at 4:30 this morning to go hiking with some friends. It was completely worth it, but I only got three hours of sleep last night after working on the house all day yesterday. There's nothing quite like the joy and satisfaction you feel after hanging light fixtures and ceiling fans. Who knew nearing 30 could be so damn exciting!? Lol seriously though, I love everything we hung yesterday. <3

Here's a stunning view from the hike this morning, about a third of the way up the mountain:

Purdy, huh? Oh man, I love nature. The weather at elevation was in the mid 70's and even cooler in the shade while down in the valley, temps were in the 90's by the time we were done! I'm hoping hiking this summer will get me in shape in time for snowboarding season... Assuming we get decent snows this year. So far we're in a fairly serious and severe drought.

Now that I've snoozed you guys with my hiking and ceiling fan adventures, how about some polish? I finally got my hands on the China Glaze neons I've been eyeballing all over the blogosphere! I used my handy dandy "birthday" coupon at Sally's to pick these up so I had to wait a week or so to find the pinks I wanted. But now that I've got them all swatched and ready to go I can finally share. I've decided to break them in to color groups for three separate posts; the blues, the purples, and finally the pinks with a dash of coral thrown in for good measure.

I decided blues would be a good jumping off point for this little mini series since the blue skies this morning were so beautiful. I mean, c'mon,look at that picture up there!

The two blues in the Neon collection are Ride The Waves, a royal blue jelly, and Splish Splash, a bright blue shimmer.

Ride The Waves:

Oh. my. Gawd. I am in love! While not really a neon, Ride The Waves is a vibrant blue nonetheless, and a jelly to boot! I really dig jelly finishes when they aren't too sheer, and this is a winner in my book. All the way!

For application I applied two coats over extra base, in case of staining. Formula was good and the polish flowed nicely from the brush. Dry time was good and not too quick as to prevent a little manipulation on the nail for even coverage. The second coat was thoroughly needed for evenness and to bring out the squishy goodness of the jelly, a third could be added if you dislike VNL. Removal was painless and there was no staining. The photos above are without top coat and the photos below are with one coat of SV.

Splish Splash:

Splish Splash is the second and final blue in this collection and again, isn't really a neon so much as it is a bright. I would call it an electric blue, not a neon, even thou it dries to a slightly satin finish. The shimmer in this polish is what really sets it apart from other similar shades. It gives it that "lit from within" look.

Application was good, but this little pretty is sheer. Not terribly so, but enough to get you wondering after the first coat how many more you might need for full coverage. I'm happy to say that these photos are with two coats, the second really stepped up and provided a lot more coverage than I'd been expecting. Clean up around he cuticles was good, first of all it didn't flood and secondly after removal there wasn't major shimmer fallout.

Again, photo set one is without top coat while the second set has one coat of Seche Vite. You can really tell a difference on this one with a good shiny top coat! Man, China Glaze puts out killer blues.

So, there you have it, the blues! I truly loved these even if they weren't really neons. I have been wearing Splish Splash on my toes for about a week now and it's great, I wore it to SoCal last weekend and in the sunlight it really shines! I can't say that these are unique colors by any means, Ride The Waves looks just like Revlon Royal from looking at photos and Splish Splash reminds me of aEngland Order of the Garter. I have Royal to compare but it is buried deep within my piles (thank you organizational disaster!) so I can't confirm a 100% dupe. And I don't have Order of the Garter (I will soon, however) but I think it has much more dimension in the shimmer department.

Until next time, later alligators!


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