Monday, June 18, 2012

My picks from the OPI Spiderman Collection: Just Spotted the Lizard and My Boyfriend Scales Walls

Happy Monday lovelies! Having a good day so far? I started this morning with three shots of espresso in my Starbucks and I rocked out to Superfreak while driving out to the middle of the desert for data collection today. So, yeah, awesome. :D

Since I'm in such a good mood (and still half way tweaking out from this morning's caffeine) I wanted to show you my two picks from OPI's Spiderman Collection: Just Spotted the Lizard and My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

OPI Just Spotted the Lizard:

A brilliant olive toned gold duo/multichrome polish, this is two coats over a base, under LED and incandescent lighting with no top coat. Application was good but as expected this applied very thin and a second coat was needed. Dry time was very fast and you can see it dried to a bright shine. Beware, during removal shimmer goes everywhere!

This polish is OPI's version of Chanel Peridot, Jessica Cosmetics Iridescent Eye, and Gap Gold Rush. I don't have Peridot or Gold Rush so I can't comment on them, but when compared to Iridescent Eye I can say that I can't tell a difference other than brush configuration. I can't even pick a favorite really, but it was nice being able to apply this brush stroke-y wonder with OPI's Pro Wide brush. So I guess that makes it the winner! You can see my swatches of Jessica Cos. Iridescent Eye HERE.

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls:

A dingy white crème with just a hint of grey, this is two coats over base without top coat and under the same lighting. Formula was a bit on the thin side for me but dried very quickly and wasn't easily manipulated once on the nail. You can see if you look closely, the spots where I had to go back to the bottle for coat 2.5. Not quite self-leveling, MBSW still dries to a good shine.

This is my first white crème I've actually worn as a manicure and I liked it! I never had a desire to white out my nails, not even in grade school when bored (I was in to polish at a young age so I usually had mine painted - even if they were all chipped!).

Now.... I flippin' want the French exclusive, OPI Black Spotted! I am loving the oil sheen look of this top coat effect, but I refuse to drop my hard earned money on the $70 eBay price tag. No more shatter, never cared for it. lol


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