Saturday, July 21, 2012

A copper V-gap with Essie and CND!

Good morning everyone! Today I've got some nail art I tried out when I got my nail art brush, a true v-gap. I thought I'd done a v-gap mani before but it turned out to be just a regular old tape design shaped like a V! I did that one for the Hunger Games polishes I was playing with, I called it "Cat's Claw" and you can check it out HERE. I thought it was damn cool and one of my favorite designs too, even if it wasn't a v-gap like I originally thought.

I created this design with Essie No More Film and CND Copper Chrome. This design took me far longer to figure out than it should have, primarily because I couldn't decide if I wanted to pain the base as Copper Chrome and paint over it with No More Film or visa versa. Turns out I chose to paint the copper over the deep blue. It was fairly easy too, although Copper Chrome wanted to dry quickly on me and gummed up a little in places. You can see the texture of where it got a little thick even with top coat, it isn't that bad in person but the reflected light in the photos really shows the imperfections. I probably could have used a larger brush and avoided some of the issues I had.

All photos are two coats of Essie No More Film from the 2012 Resort Collection over base coat with the addition of CND Copper Chrome nail art. The top two photos are shown with one coat of Seche Vite while photos below have an additional coat of Essie Matte About You. Personally, I thought the matte version of this look was friggin' cool. What do you think?

Also, does this design remind anyone of Boba Fett...

Image source: HERE.

I  know they're different colors, but I'm a nerd so this is what popped into my brain as soon as I matted the design. Do you see it, or am I just a deranged nerd??

PS. My Sephora excursion was successful but only to a degree. I overcompensated by purchasing additional items because the one thing I wanted wasn't there! I'll share my haul soon. :)


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