Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Hairy NOTD with Piggy Polish and Zoya

Good morning lovelies! As you read this, I'll be at the dentist getting my teeth cleaned. It's an appointment I both look forward to and dread twice a year. See, I used to have severe dental anxiety, never when I was younger but it developed in early adulthood. I had to be medicated to sit for an appointment, it was insane. I would hyperventilate and clutch the armrests for dear life! It made no sense and I have no idea where it came from, especially since I spent years in orthodontics. Luckily I have finally worked my way through this debilitating dental anxiety and don't need any meds to sit for my appointments. I credit it to my awesome hygienist, whom I've been seeing for years, and my dentist. My dentist for life! Lol. He's the only dentist I've ever been to. They've been very patient with me and done everything possible to calm and comfort me. No joke, I used to have a panic attack just trying to call the office for an appointment!

Anyway, I've been seeing swatches of the new Cult Nails Coco's Untamed Collection and the lime green, called Deal With It, is to die for! I don't own any Cult Nails but that's going to change soon. I want that green! And Cruisin' Nude. But, until that day comes I have to search my helmer for a suitable substitute. And since I wanted to put some lime green on my tips, I dug out one of the Zoyas I picked up from the last promo they ran. Earth Day, I think. I chose Zoya Midori and topped it with this crazy Piggy Polish, called Garden Galaxy, I found at Ulta last week. I keep calling it "lettuce" though, for some reason.

Piggy Polish is a brand I'm new to, this is my one and only from the brand. It is the first bottle I found interesting enough to take home. Not that I don't think they have original stuff, I just hadn't had a double take moment until I saw this bottle. Garden Galaxy is a mix of very short bar glitters and microglitters in a very sheer and slightly green tinted base. The glitters themselves are translucent and color shift from chartreuse yellow-green to lime green, to a teal/aqua leaning green. The color shift reminds me of mylar type flakies. Very fun to look at for sure! And hairy!

Garden Galaxy, or "lettuce" as I'm stuck calling it (I can't quit!), applies much better than I expected. The short length of the bar glitters makes controlling the polish during application a lot easier than any other bar glitter I've tried. The best part... This is only one coat! The glitter is so dense and the microglitters fill in what would be the blank spots that coverage at one coat is amazing. I topped this mani off with a coat of Seche Vite and had a little shrinkage at the tips but I count that as my fault since it wasn't dry in the slightest, I don't think Midori was all that dry either. But these kinds of glitter topcoats always give me shrinkage. As far as removal goes, I am still wearing this so I can't comment, but I'll bet it is a pain. I'll be using foil for sure to get this off.

This is one of those manis I've been staring at since Sunday when I put it on, it's just so pretty to look at and dynamic. It sparkles and changes colors and matches Zoya Midori perfectly. Very bright and summery! This was the runner up idea for the last Sunday Stamping challenge, precious stones. I couldn't figure out how to stamp it though but the stone would have been peridot.

Any thoughts on this hairy glitter? Have you seen anything like this before?



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