Wednesday, July 25, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix II - My picks: Swatches and Review

Good morning! Today I've got something to show you that I had a lot of fun playing with, the latest addition to the China Glaze Magnetix Collection, Magnetix II. I have three colors from the previous release and I'm happy with them, but Magnetix II is much better in my opinion for the vibrancy of colors. Honestly, these should have been released first!

I bought four out of six colors from this collections: Cold Fusion, Con-fused, Positively In Love, and Sparks Will Fly. I also bought the magnet released with this collection as it features three new designs including a bulls eye, a grid pattern, and straight lines. For this review all swatches are shown with base coat, two coats of polish, and lastly a top coat for shine. Also, for application I applied the first coat and allowed it to dry before adding my second coat, one nail at a time, to pull the design. All photos are shown under both LED and incandescent lighting as.

Cold Fusion:

Cold Fusion is a very bronze-y gold that, in the bottle, looks almost orange. We have a bit of an orange thing in this house, because we're gingers. Well, I'm a redhead. He's a ginger. :) Moving on! This bottle color got approval from the boyfriend because he recently purchased a "similar" shade of burnt orange as an accent color for the new paint job he's giving his Harley. I also like this color and think with the right magnet design and right kind of nail art skills, this could be a Tiger's Eye, no sweat! I used the bulls eye design for Cold Fusion but could not get the design centered on my nails for the life of me. We'll go with user error on that one.


Con-fused is a rich evergreen shade, no teal in sight. This is pure Christmas tree green. Or, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle green. Since that's what these nails remind me of after using the grid magnet pattern! How about I throw a little knowledge at ya!? Those squares/geometric shapes you see all over turtles and tortoises' bodies are actually called scutes. Neat, huh? They grow on top of the bone plates that make up their bodies (shell), are made of keratin just like our hair and nails, and can indicate the age/health of a turtle or tortoise! BOOM, knowledge! As maybe you can tell, I really had fun with these and like the color a lot. It is rich, deep, and fully saturated. This shade had the thinnest formula.

Positively In Love:

Positively In Love is a beautiful magenta shade that just screams velvet to me. Or velour, whichever you prefer. Oh, and lasers! Tell me that using the straight line magnet design didn't turn these nails into laser machines. This combo actually won the top spot for the boyfriend's pick and to be completely honest it is growing on me, and fast too. I was disappointed when I saw the magnet had a straight line design and thought, "how boring." But I was wrong, so wrong. Just look at how crisp these lines turned out. And I love how the empty space becomes this beautiful burgundy jelly. It looks positively squishy! No pun intended, I swear!

Sparks Will Fly:

Sparks Will Fly is a lovely blue with a violet/deep purple shimmer that comes to life when a design is activated by the magnet. As soon as I saw the bottle I knew this was the one I was most happy to own, the purple is plainly visible in the bottle as well as on the nail. The magnet design I used was from the previous collection's magnet and is shaped like a star. Boy, I am the master of obvious statements! On my swatch stick I used the bulls eye pattern and I'm happy to say that it also produced a beautiful pattern bringing out the violet shimmer.

Lastly, bonus outdoor photos! Sparks Will Fly is by far, bar none, my favorite out of this collection. I love the purple shimmer that comes out with the magnet design.

So, how about the magnet? Here it is. Last time it was red, this time it is silver. Initially I wasn't thrilled with these designs other than the bulls eye, but TMNT and lasers changed my mind completely! Each design worked well, the best being the straight lines. The bulls eye also worked great but I couldn't seem to get the design centered at all, plus the magnet tends to perform less than stellar if you have particularly curved nails and the design won't show up around the edges. The grid pattern also gets a thumbs up from me because of turtles, I love them.

Final Verdict? Win! The formula on these were all spectacular and free flowing, and all opaque enough to be used at a single coat. Con-fused was the only one I would suggest using thicker coats if you go the one-coat route. Positively In Love was the most pigmented. Removal was easy and none of the shimmer was left behind to be scrubbed off my skin. Also, as a bonus there was no staining!

What do you guys think? Are you happier with these shades than the previous ones? What about the designs? Or are you just over magnetic polishes altogether? 


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