Monday, July 30, 2012

China Glaze On Safari - a vampy, bloody gradient!

Good morning! Today I'm showing you the magic behind the scenes, the gradient under the stamping. Yesterday's Stamping Sunday challenge was red and black and for a while I couldn't think of anything that wasn't just red on black or black on red. I wanted something more interesting and that something finally came to me as an idea for a gradient. Genius!

To date I've swatched China Glaze's On Safari Collection but have worn only a few shades thus far, its still too flippin' hot outside for vampy fall shades! But since I knew from swatching that I loved Adventure Red-y I thought it would make a great red for the challenge. And Prey Tell is kind of, sort of a red. Even if a very plummy/raisiny red, it still worked marvelously.

Check out this orange peel! (that's a fancy pants painter's term for "bumpy" lol) Let's buff that out, shall we? Obviously, I skipped the SV between sponging and stamping. I didn't want a mile-high mani.

Some things that I learned:

  1. Adventure Red-y is a one coater. Fabulous!
  2. Adventure Red-y needed to be scrubbed off my skin and cuticles after sponging. Bogus!
  3. Prey Tell is pretty sheer (compared to Adventure Red-y), it took several rounds with the sponge to build up the gradient color. No bueno for nail art.
As a bonus, if you plan on dressing up as a flesh eating zombie or the like for Halloween might I suggest this manicure? No joke, but after sponging this gradient my fingers looked like they were bleeding/bloody/covered in both wet and dry blood. Very Halloween-y.

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