Friday, July 27, 2012

Essie - Go Overboard... Feeding my teal addiction!

Hey everyone, just a quick post today since I'm not feeling well. But I wanted to show you my latest teal addiction, a polish I didn't pick up until well after it was released, Essie Go Overboard.

Go Overboard is a beautiful teal cream from the Spring 2012 collection that goes by the same name, Go Overboard. Of all the beautiful pictures I've seen of this polish floating around the internet mine seems to be the darkest. I'm not sure why, but this teal pulls so dark on my nails. It even dries darker than the bottle color. Maybe it is the way I do my lighting but even in person this color is darker than all the photos I've seen of it online. Either way, I love it to death and I've used it for two recent manicures. I used it under Orly Sashay My way in yesterday's post and also in this week's Teal Tuesday post. Clearly, I love it.

For these photos and also for my previous posts, I used two coats of Go Overboard that went on like butter. If you apply thicker coats you could get away with doing only one, but as always I prefer two. I did make a point to keep this out of my cuticules since the color is so saturated. But the good news is that I've never had any staining while wearing this color.

Happy Friday, everyone! xoxo


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