Sunday, July 8, 2012

Essie Mirrored Metallics - Blue Rhapsody

G'morning ladies, today I'm going to show you the first of three polishes I picked up from the new Essie Mirrored Metallics collection, Blue Rhapsody. I went on a little bit of a polish shopping spree last Monday when I was on the hunt for another, very elusive Essie, the new Lux Effects addition: Stroke of Brilliance. I had no luck after 6+ Walgreens so I binged on some full priced Essies.

I do that some times, purchase things to spite myself. Can't find those perfect leopard print pumps? That's fine, let's get a purple cocktail dress instead. Shit. Can't find a purple cocktail dress? No biggie, pick out an expensive handbag instead. Seriously, this is how my mind works.

Let's move on to the polish, shall we?

Two coats over base coat, no top coat. I had a little bit of a struggle with application but it wasn't anything that couldn't be worked with. First of all, these coats dried very quickly so I applied with three quick strokes to each nail. There isn't really any time to worry about brush strokes. Just apply and get out of there! The brush strokes all but completely disappear when fully dried. And if you get impatient you will get dragging at the cuticles, but you can apply the second coat on your first nail by the time you've finished the first coat on your 10th nail. I applied the second coat in a similar manner, three quick strokes.

Just for fun I decided to see how a top coat would look over the super shiny chrome finish. I'm a topcoat junkie and usually can't go without, so that means I wear top coat when others would advise against it. The difference here is slight, but there nonetheless. With the addition of top coat Blue Rhapsody becomes much more shimmery the chrome is still there but much less crisp. What do you think, can you spot a difference?

Now, if I could only find a bottle of Stroke of Brilliance...



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