Monday, July 9, 2012

Essie Mirrored Metallics - Nothing Else Metals

Today I have the second of three Mirrored Metallics I brought home with me after last Monday's shopping spree, a purple beauty, Nothing Else Metals. When I say purple I mean more of a silvery lilac with just a hint of pink. To be honest, sometimes when I look at these photos I see pink. But nope, just a pale, silvery, delicate purple chrome.

Just like with Blue Rhapsody I applied two coats over base coat, and I'll be showing Nothing Else Metals both with and without top coat. Application of this polish was the same as with the rest of the chromed from this collection, you will get dragging if you don't wait for the first coat to dry. And you've got to move quickly for good application in general, three quick strokes worked well for me.

You can see very few brush strokes once the polish dries but you do see nail ridges. They don't really bother me all that much but you could buff before your base coat or use a ridge filling base coat to prevent ridges from being too obnoxious. If you use a top coat the ridges all but disappear.

With a top coat, I used Seche Vite, the chrome finish looks closer to a foil but the difference is minimal. I can't go without a topcoat but that is just me. Also, does anyone think that this looks similar to ButterLONDON's Lillibet's Jubilee? I ordered a bottle during their recent FF sale but my order got a little messed up. When everything gets sorted out I'll be sure do do a comparison.

I've got one more color to swatch for you guys and then I'll show you the fun I had stamping with these babies! I'll go ahead an spoil the secret... They work great!!

I hope your Monday is fab! Xoxox


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