Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Essie Mirrored Metallics - Penny Talk

Drum roll please...... Ta-da! Today I've got for you the third Mirrored Metallic I bought last Monday, Essie Penny Talk. Just like a new penny, this lady shines! I've read that a few ladies see this polish as a rose gold rather than a copper, and I can kinda sorta see it in low, indirect lighting. But with my skin tone this is full on copper in my eyes.

Today's swatches are shown with two coats over two coats of base coat and no top coat. I found that doubling up on base coats helps with ridges a lot and the nail looks much smoother than with a single coat or without any at all.

I applied this polish in the same fashion as the other two, three quick strokes, but Penny Talk gave me less trouble with dragging. The formula for Penny Talk was thicker than Blue Rhapsody or Nothing Else Metals, but that might be due to the fact that our a/c was cranked way up today. Can you believe it was 115 deg. In Vegas today!? Sheeeet.

Clean up was super easy, the thickness of this polish didn't lend to cuticle flooding, but this shiny bish is way obvious if you get it on your skin. Nothing a little acetone can't fix, just make sure to check for leftover shimmer.

Overall, I love it. It might even be the favorite of the three I've shown. I have a thing for copper so I'm not surprised. :) What I am surprised about is how much Penny Talk makes me want the silver and gold shades. Gah! I can't believe how much I love nail polish.

No shots with top coat for this post I'm afraid, I did some tape nail art a la Nailside and I saved the top coat to seal in my success! I'll give you just a wee hint: it turned out awesome!



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