Friday, July 6, 2012

Indie brand: Once Upon a Polish - Diamond Mine

Happy Friday! Today I am going to show you the second polish I purchased from Kimberly's Etsy shop, Once Upon a Polish - Diamond Mine. Diamond Mine references the seven dwarves of Snow White and their diamond mine. It might just be me but I gave myself a "duh" moment writing that sentence! lol Excuse me, I'm a little loopy this afternoon. o.O I actually had to google this, Snow White wasn't a movie I watched frequently when I was little.

Diamond Mine is a lovely holographic duochrome top coat that in the bottle looks to be a milky white. It looks green under lamplight primarily, but it shifts to a soft rose color at certain angles. I really liked this polish and wish I would've also purchased Cinderella, it is similar but shifts blue to green. I swatched Diamond Mine over two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls from the recent Spiderman collection and China Glaze Near Dark, a release from last year's Haunting Halloween collection.

Diamond Mine over OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls:

So soft and pretty over a white, Diamond Mine will be awesome to pull out in December when I want to do some holiday manicures. And you better believe I will!

Diamond Mine over China Glaze Near Dark:

Over a dark color, this beauty really shines! The holo comes to life and the duochrome is so pretty. I think this would be a nice way to extend a dark colored or green manicure. Also, how cool would this be if used to make a "galaxy" manicure?? I've never tried one but I bet this would be an awesome addition.

Now, for some larger than life photos! Also, this bottle came with a logo/label just like yesterday's polish, Under the Sea. Unfortunately I got something on it, glycerin maybe, and it bled the ink. So sorry. :(

If you are interested in checking out Once Upon a Polish for yourself, you can sign up to be notified when her Etsy shop will be opened again HERE. Or you can follow her updates on Facebook, HERE.    

Have a great weekend! xoxo


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