Thursday, July 5, 2012

Indie brand: Once Upon a Polish - Under the Sea

Good morning! I've had my coffee and bagel for the day, have you? Actually, no bagel just leftover sausage from yesterday morning. :) Still yummy!

Today I want to show you guys something I think is pretty cool, an indie nail lacquer I share a name with! I'm talking about Once Upon a Polish! OUAP polishes are created by a lovely lady named Kimberly and she was very nice when I emailed her after I placed my order. Since my blog handle/title is Once Upon a Polish... I wanted to reach out and make sure that there wouldn't be any problems or issues. I couldn't imagine that there would be but wanted to say hi nonetheless. I've been blogging since last October but my site wasn't searchable on Google so there's no way she could've know I existed. :)

I thought it was neat that she thought of her brand name while watching "Once Upon a Time," a show I've always wanted to watch but I've never been able to catch. I don't have a dvr so what's a girl to do... Anyway, Kimberly's polishes are Disney themed and since I grew up a Disney kid I knew I wanted some! I ordered two bottles, this glitter and another duochrome shimmer I'll be showing tomorrow.

Under The Sea -named for the song in The Little Mermaid - is described on Kim's Etsy shop as "holographic blue hex glitters with holographic silver square glitters in a clear base." Let's say it together now... GORGEOUS!. I love this shade of blue and the giant square holo gitters? Love. Personally I think the blue is a little more aqua or teal than blue but no diff. I wore this over Zoya Zuza

How about a nice bottle shot:

Application was not the smoothest but that is to be expected from a chunky glitter in a good suspension. To get even coverage and good glitter application I had to glob it on and move some of the glitters around on the nail. Luckily it wasn't difficult to get out those awesome square glitters. It has been just about a month since I purchased this bottle and there has been no settling of glitter, or bleeding, and that makes me very happy. I was also happy with the shipping, my package came quickly and my purchases were wrapped good and tight in bubble wrap.

If you are interested in checking out Once Upon a Polish, Kimberly's got an Etsy shop HERE and she's on Facebook too, HERE. Her Etsy shop is on vacation but you can sign up for updates.

And now, just for fun:


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