Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mine, all MINE! Essie Luxeffects Stroke Of Brilliance

Hey everyone, its Tuesday! (say hello to capt. obvious over here...) Remember when I was whining about not being able to find a bottle of Stroke of Brilliance?? I did, I whined all over Twitter, my comments, and a blog post or two... Well it doesn't matter anymore, because this past weekend I found a bottle!! Finally, after 8+ Walgreens and CVS's, I found the bottles tucked away on a low lying shelf just sitting there with the other seasonal Essies. No special display, nothing.

Upon bringing my new pretty home, I immediately set to swatching. And that's what I've got for you today, swatches of Stroke of Brilliance over shades of blue. Stroke of Brilliance is a cornflower blue mix of tiny glitters as well as different sized hexes, practically identical to Set in Stones (swatches HERE and HERE) and A Cut Above (I've worn it but I guess never posted? I'll have to remedy that soon). Each photo shows one coat of Stroke of Brilliance over two coats of a blue polish underwear + basecoat, no topcoat and taken under LED and incandescent lighting.

Worn over Essie Bikini So Teeny: 

Worn over Essie Smooth Sailing:

Worn over China Glaze Man Hunt:

Application was good, the glitter spread fairly even on the nail without having to manipulate it and I didn't have to dig in the bottle to get glitter on the brush. Removal... its a glitter, use foil! lol So, have you guys seen this yet in stores?


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