Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My picks from the China Glaze Neons: Coral!

Surfin' For Boys

Whoa, Coral! Surfin' For Boys is a crazy bright, shimmery neon coral and I LOVE it! Simply put, I adore coral as a color any time and any place and this shade is incredible. China Glaze describes it only as a "glistening bright coral" but I believe that doesn't do it justice at all. All photos at two coats over base, the first two are without top coat.

With topcoat. Is it me, or do you see this purply-blue undercurrent with this shade? Look on my pinkie nails, that's where I see it. Removal was easy but not perfect. There weren't any shimmer issues but since this is such a vibrant shade I had some remnants I had to work at with an extra cotton ball at my cuticle and under my nails. Seriously electric, this one is!

Flirty Tankini

Sooooo... I want to call this a coral but in person I swear this shade pulls pink. In reality it is very close in resemblance to Pink Plumeria, which I showed you yesterday, but it does this weird presto-chango thing in different lighting. Specifically outdoors. China Glaze's description calls this a "shimmery strawberry smoothie pink," but I just don't see it. I see coral with super-heavy pink shimmer, I mean, it's packed in there good and tight. All photos two coats over base, first two photos without topcoat.

With topcoat, behold the shine! Removal I cannot comment on yet, since I am still wearing this puppy. But if all of the previous shades' ease of removal serves as an indication, I'm positive this will melt away without issue. Thank God for acetone. And glycerin. Don't forget the glycerin.

You'll notice more sparkly bits, no, I'm not growing diamonds in my cuticles (I wish). Just more remnants of my fight with an acacia tree last week. Flirty Tankini was my one holdout shade, I had to order it and wait and wait and wait for it to arrive before swatching since I had NO LUCK finding it anywhere in stores. It was always gone!



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