Monday, July 2, 2012

My picks from the China Glaze Neons: Pinks?

Love's A Beach

Holy sheeet, that's PINK! China Glaze described Love's a Beach in their press release as a "sizzling hot pink" and that sir, is an accurate description. All three photo sets are with two coats of polish over base coat. These first two are shown without top coat and surprisingly this neon shimmer dried to more of a shine than I'd expected. Two coats were needed.

Lastly, I added topcoat to bring out the full shine and it was worth it. Removal was spectacularly easy and no shimmer fallout issues were had.

Pink Plumeria

Yes, this should be pink. No, your eyes aren't foolin' ya. You can kind of see the true pinkness of this shade around my cuticles. The base of this polish is definitely a soft pink shade, "plumeria" is an apt description, but the golden shimmer takes me for a spin! These photos were obviously taken over by the golden shimmer, as was I. All photos with two coats over base, first two without topcoat.

Here we go, with topcoat you can see a little more of the pink while the golden shimmer is clearly defined. When I bought this polish I wasn't convinced I would enjoy it at all, but again I was wrong! The pink popped even more when I used Love's A Beach over top in my stamping skittles. Removal was also painless, no shimmer fallout to be seen for miles and miles.

I have one more post with two more shades from this collection and then some indies to show, and I'll be doing a 4th of July mani too. Also, please excuse my sparkly bits. I was attacked by a very sharp tree at work before I did these swatches!

Other than that I'm in sort of a weird place right now. I did some Walgreens hunting today that helped distract me, but retail therapy only helps for a little while. I plan on sharing with you guys what's up with me, but after the holiday since I don't want to be a total bummer. Plus I need to figure out exactly what I want to put in to words.



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