Saturday, July 7, 2012

OUAP Diamond Mine underwear: China Glaze Near Dark

Ready for some sexy panties?? Oh yeah, today I'm going to show off the pretty little underthings I wore under Once Upon a Polish - Diamond Mine in yesterday's post. I bought Near Dark last year at a super mega sale at Sally's for a dollar. Yep, one dollar. I wasn't even going to buy it at all but I can't say no to something that's only a buck. And wouldn't you know, just like most of my reluctant purchases, I ended up liking this after all. It just took me until JULY! lol

China Glaze describes Near Dark as a "rich mossy green creme," but I beg to differ. This is totally a jelly. A dirty, swampy, mossy green jelly that kicks Halloween ass! These photos are two coats over base, no topcoat. That's pure and natural shine, baby. So shiny you can see my lamp's reflection! I used two coats and surprisingly the second coat did the job. I was expecting to need three since the first coat was so patchy, but two was enough. You can see some thinner spots up near my cuticle but it isn't visible in real life.

What do you think, beautiful, no?  xoxo


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