Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sinful Colors - Leap Flog

Have you heard?? Sinful Colors has released a new shade called Leap Flog and snuck it in their back to school collection, Study In Style, along with a bunch of re-promotes. I snagged another bottle from that collection that I didn't know until recently was a much sought after color. I'll show you that pretty tomorrow. :) I first heard of this color just a week or so ago care of Nouveau Cheap and The Nail Color Files, so you can imagine how happy I was when I came across it just a say later during my Stroke Of Brilliance hunt last week. I love finding SC goodies!

Leap Flog is a smokey shade of eucalyptus that immediately brings to mind a LE shade Zoya released for Peter Som's NYFW runway show, Evvie. Evvie is also being released wi Zoya's new Fall 2012 Designer Collection and I plan on buying that shade for sure (along with the rest of the beautiful cremes) to do a comparison. And also because I think they are close but not complete dupes. From swatches I've seen so far, Evvie is a tad more blue toned and maybe slightly lighter than Leap Flog. Leap Flog definitely pulls green, because it is.

These photos are with two coats of Leap Flog over base coats with no top coat. I didn't have to bother with top coat at all because the shine this crème dries to is incredible. You could check your reflection in my nails, they're so damn shiny! Leap Flog's formula was perfect, you'd never know this was a two dollar drugstore polish. I applied two coats because I'm a two coat queen but if you're careful you could get away with a singe coat. WIN! Removal was also very good, very clean and no staining, making this a complete package of awesome from Sinful Colors.

I used this color as the base for some simple nail art when I was playing around with my new dotting too, so stay tuned for that too!



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