Monday, July 16, 2012

Spotted!! A new NOPI Target Exclusive Collection: Back To Cool

Hey guys, check it out! I stumbled upon something spectacularly awesome yesterday afternoon while on a fruitless hunt for microbeads, a brand spankin' new Target Exclusive Collection from NOPI called Back To Cool! How cool is that!?  Immediately I was drawn to two duochrome shades in the display and stooped down to take a peek. So here's the scoop: this collection has two duochromes, several re-promotes (or core colors, not sure which), and what appears to be two new microglitters!

The purple duochrome is called Iris My Case and bears uncanny resemblance to Deborah Lippmann Private Dancer! You can check out my swatches of that polish HERE. The second duochrome, the green wonder named Mer-Maid for Each Other, looks suspiciously like OPI Spotted the Lizard, Jessica Cos. Iridescent Eye, and of course the infamous Chanel Peridot. I don't have any swatches of Peridot but you can find my swatch of Spotted the Lizard HERE and Iridescent Eye HERE. The other two colors I singled out were called For Gold Times Sake and Just Busta Mauve, and I brought those two home with me. Notice the "Temporary Price Cut" sign?? Oh yeah, score!

And so you guys can look for swatches of the other colors in the display and know what to look for I'll list all of the polish names for ya! In order:

Pink-nic in the Park
Great Minds Pink Alike
I Love You Cherry Much
Just Busta Mauve
Iris My Case
Mer-Maid for Each Other
For Gold Times Sake
Look at Me, Look at Me
You're S-teal the One
Nicole's Nickel

Originally I thought You're S-teal the One was a new color and thought it was a possible dupe for Color Club Sky High, but found swatches online and also other bottles in the regular "Target Exclusive" shelving area. So it isn't new. For your viewing pleasure, here's a picture of the display I snapped while being eyeballed by Target employees, and the four bottles I described above!

Now, for swatches of the two colors I picked up! I bought the two microglitters, Just Busta Mauve and For Gold Times Sake. Swatches are shown under LED lighting and incandescent, with two coats of polish over base coat and no top coat.

Just Busta Mauve:

Holy cow, do you see this!? This polish is very thin but somehow still packed with incredible sparkle. The microglitters are almost flake-like and are suspended in a translucent brown base. The first coat applies very thin and made me wonder how many coats I would need at first to reach opacity, but the second coat was all it took to look great! I see all sorts of color in this blend of glitter/flakes: bronze, copper, red, purple, blue... it is just gorgeous!

So application turned out better than I'd expected but be vigilant during removal, these beauties leave behind insane amounts of fallout. All over your skin and all up in your cuticles. I took a scrub brush to my nails afterward to make sure I got it all out! As far as removal goes, I'd say treat this as a glitter and go with the foil method or some other comparable way. I say be patient, these are totally worth it!

For Gold Time's Sake:

Are you ready for another stunner? For Gold Times Sake is a warm toned pewter (imo), and not quite that gold. But it is definitely a "metallic" shade. Just like Just Busta Mauve, this polish is a mix of multicolored microglitters/flakes in a translucent brown base and applied in an identical fashion. The only real difference between the two polishes is the final shade the glitter mixes produce. In this shade I see silver, copper, bronze, blue, green, and red/purple sparkles.

Removal was identical to Just Busta Mauve, fallout was everywhere! Again, go with a foil method for removal. It will be so much easier that way. I should also note that I am beyond happy with the brush that they finally put in these bottles. Gone are the awkward and stiff paddle brushes, we now have the regular OPI Pro-Wide brush! They made it so much easier to work with.

Alright everyone, what do you think?? Have you seen this anywhere yet? I was actually quite surprised to find this yesterday but then again Target is putting out all of their back to school stuff for early shoppers!


  1. Are the two bottles you picked and swatches jellies? I have I love you cherry much and that one is an awesome glass flecked cherry red jelly....could the two you searched be jellies as well?

    1. They aren't jellies or glass fleck, just microglitters in a very thin base. There's depth similar to jelly polishes, but I think only because of the different colors of glitter flakes.

  2. These are pretty but I think the crazy glitter removal ruins it for me. I have a few NOPI polishes and like them, but I detest the bottles...they're so weird looking. I was just in Target (walked out with nothing...woot!) and I didn't see these. I always check out their clearance spot and saw tons of these weird little polishes called "Cosbar" or something like that? They looked kinda gold/bronzey but I didn't get one since it's not usually a color I'm attracted to. Id I had to pick just one, I'd go with Just Busta Mauve.

    1. I don't care for the bottles AT ALL. I do my best to avoid purchasing any of this line because I dislike even looking at them. And they just won't stop making horrible celebrity endorsement deals! I saw the Cosbar polishes several times at Target, they went to the clearance section pretty quickly. It was part of this campaign Target did to promote small businesses but it seemed to be moved out pretty fast, so I don't know. Vampy Varnish swatched and reviewed them I believe.

  3. I kind of like Just Busta Mauve, but I haven't been very impressed with NOPI lately. :/

    1. Ditto. Its mostly just repackaged OPI and ugly bottles.



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