Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stamping Sundays - Precious Gemstones

Good morning! I don't know about where all of you live, but I live in the desert and something very out of the ordinary happened here last night. It rained! Yes, it rains in the desert but very infrequent and in two very different ways. Most of the time it is light, warm sprinkles that seem to evaporate as soon as they hit the pavement. I love that kind of rain because it instantly cools the air down a few degrees and makes the air smell so good. The second kind is flat out torrential downpours with flash flooding.

See, Las Vegas is basically a giant bowl, surrounded by mountains, tilted from NW to SE and it drains into the Colorado River (Lake Mead). When it rains heavily all of that water rushes from the NW part of town all the way to the river. It turns out the city planners built this city right smack dab in the center of a giant natural wash system. Oh yeah, so last night it RAINED! And rained some more! Our backyard, street, entire neighborhood was under water. The roads were like rivers! The soil here is so dry and compacted that it simply can't absorb or drain away water at a substantial rate, so it just pools up and rushes off to the nearest low point, or to a man made drainage canal. All you have to do is google "desert flash flood" or "Las Vegas flash flood" and you'll get an idea of the kind of rain we got last night!

My point after all of this is that I'm extremely happy, I can't get enough of the rain out here! As long as I'm not driving somewhere with all of the other idiots on the road. lol Alright, lets get to the polish shall we?

I recently join the facebook group Adventures In Stamping (you can join HERE if interested) so I could have more motivation to practice my stamping and to get more active in blogging with other wonderful blogger ladies. This week's theme was Precious Gemstones, and for my first challenge I didn't have a clue what to do at first! I have a manicure I want to wear but haven't done yet because of swatching, and I thought of converting that for this challenge because it could be considered a peridot color (not duochrome). But I want to wear it for more than just a day because I really like what it's going to turn out to be and because its glitter and I don't want to deal with taking it off. See, I have tons of swatching to do! I have first world, nail blogger problems. lol

So what I chose instead was Fire Opal. Look at this beauty! Fire opals, and other types of opals come in many different shades and types, and have this beautiful spectrum of colored veins running throughout the stone. Most fire opals don't actually have color plays as vibrant as the image below, but do occasionally show green flashes! Without any color, translucent fire opals are often referred to as jelly opals.

Image source HERE.

On to the stamping! My base is two coats of China Glaze Prey Tell from this fall's On Safari Collection (swatches coming soon) and one coat of Barielle Elle's Spell. I stamped using BM-214 and Essie Penny Talk. My stamping represents the fine metal work and filigrees found in stone settings for jewelry.

Yay!! I did it! I successfully participated in a group challenge! lol I'm so proud of myself. :) What do you guys think? Have you ever seen fire opals or any other kind of opals in person?

Quick and dirty opal information was obtained from Wikipedia, HERE.


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