Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Teal Tuesdays- the Teal Triplets with aEngland Saint George

Good morning ladies, its Teal Tuesday again! This week's theme was a little different, we all voted on the most common teal colored polish between our group's collective stash. After a preliminary round we narrowed it down to the three most common colors, China Glaze Atlantis, aEngland Saint George, and Zoya Zuza. We were then free to do whatever we pleased with our options and if anyone in the group didn't have those colors today was a freestyle! I chose to do a little of both. :)

Since I don't have Atlantis (gasp!) and I didn't think that Zuza and Saint George would mix well together (too many finishes too similar to one another... gag) I thought I would pair up Saint George with another polish from the China Glaze On Safari Collection, Exotic Encounters. I also figured, since I missed out on the half moon week I would do one of those. Whadaya think?

Damn, I love teal. <3 But I'm not too hot on this manicure. My execution was a little off and my hole punch stickers didn't want to stick so some of my half moons aren't very moon-y. I guess I was a little frustrated because in addition to these stickers not sticking, I had some issues with tape sticking too well  when I tried a color block manicure before hand. Turns out, I don't have the patience for tape. Its too sticky, dammit!

Maybe if I'd embellished the half moons a little this would be more exciting, otherwise I'm just "meh" about it. On the bright side, Saint George is stunning and totally drool worthy in addition to being a great one coater.

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