Monday, July 23, 2012

This weekend's haul from Sephora & Walgreens!

Good afternoon everyone, I've got a splitting headache that has pretty much put me down for the afternoon but I wanted to show you guys what I bought this weekend. (Cynthia, this is for you!)

I have been wanting some Illamasquas for EVER but for some reason was reluctant to pony up the full price. That flew out the window this weekend! I was disappointed at my Sephora's selection, they only carry the core lines so if I want new collections I have to make my way down to the Las Vegas Strip and venture into the Venetian's Canal Shops. Sad Face. Not about to let my disappointment discourage me, I bought more than I was planning to. Here's what I got: Illamasqua Scarab and Viridian, Nails Inc. Baker Street and Franklins Row, and one lonely Sephora by OPI - 212 Sephora. I can't stand Sephora bottles, btw. They're too phalic... like a vibrator. The polish is pretty though. :)

And, as you all know, Walgreen's is having a Sinful Colors sale where every bottle is only $.99. Not surprisingly I have picked up several. Eight in fact, and I'm sure I'll be back for more since I'm still on the lookout for Lavender. I picked up Fig, Rain Storm, Neptune, Slate, Secret Admirer, Sugar Sugar, Boogie Nights, and Hazard.

This weekend I got a little click-happy and bought all the stamping supplies I need to keep myself busy for a long time. I got several plate sets, an XL plate, some Konad plates, and a handful of stamping polishes. All purchased through Amazon. I stopped at one of those little mall kiosks to ask about stamping supply prices and the lady wanted $15 a bottle for stamping polish... Uhhh, NO. That ain't happenin'. I took my happy ass home and bought my bottles online for $2.50. In your face, lady! lol

Ok, it is clear to me now that my headache has made me mental so it must be time to lay down!



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