Thursday, August 30, 2012

Barry M Croc Effects

Today I'm going to show you guys my very first Barry M! How exciting is that!? I was never much into the whole crackle trend, I always felt like it made my nails look dirty. But Barry M Croc Effects is just enough different to pique my interest and convince me I needed a bottle. I'm a little disappointed that the only shade available is black since I'm not much of a black nail person, but I know there are plenty of ladies (and gents) out there who are! If I could have my choice, I would choose brown of all colors. Or green. C'mon, its called Croc Effects... let's have it look like crocodile hide!

Since black is so... black, I layered Croc Effects over Essie Pink Parka, a neon pink creme. I can't find my notes anywhere to give you an accurate account of this mani, but the formula of Croc Effects was pretty good from what I can remember. It was thin but not runny and spread pretty evenly on the nail without drying too quickly. Thinner coats gave finer cracks in the finished effect. One thing I do remember distinctly is how hard this was to clean up. For some reason, neither my acetone/glycerin mix nor pure acetone let could clean this off my skin or straighten up my cuticle area very well. Obviously it came off my skin, but making the polish edges near my cuticles neat wasn't working out so I gave up.

Overall, I thought this was a pretty neat effect. Much better than the other crackle polishes and effects I've seen, I prefer the more random effect to the more common vertical cracking/shatter patterns. Like I said before, I just wish it came in more or other colors. Oh, and out of all the designs that showed up on my nails I thought the one on my thumbnail was the coolest. It looks like a tree! This is one of the first nails I did and I used a thicker coat.

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend. I'm doing my best to try and get posts scheduled to fill the weekend posts but there may be a day or two that doesn't get a post. I'm sorry guys, I feel crummy about not getting it done. This also means that I won't have a Stamping Sunday or MSMD post lined up either. That really bums me out the most. But, there's nothing I can do for it. I'm just swamped with everything going on! I will do my best, however, to have a Teal Tuesday post done.  I'll be back with some pictures of the great outdoors, hopefully, next week!

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