Thursday, August 9, 2012

China Glaze New Bohemian Dupes and Comparison Swatches

Its Thursday, its Thursday, it's Thursday! Happy Dance! Thursday means Friday to me, usually I'm inside doing boring ol' data entry on Thursdays. But today I'm out surveying and marking cacti for plant salvage. Sounds exciting, huh? In the meantime, while I'm away from my computer, I thought you lovelies would like some comparison swatches! Since I've got several of the dupes to polishes in the China Glaze New Bohemian Collection I figured I'd share. Like they say, sharing is caring!

The quick and dirty: All photos are shown with a base coat, two coats of polish, and no top coat. The China Glaze polishes are swatched on my index and ring fingers, comparisons are shown on my middle and pinkie. (That is, most of the time. My Peridot comparisons are indistinguishable... and my notes are crap.) *edit* Ok, I figured it out. Rare & Radiant is on my middle and pinky fingers while Iridescent Eye is on my index and Just Spotted The Lizard is on my ring finger.

Swanky Silk v. Sugar Daddy:

No discernable difference. Can you see it? Other than my brush strokes, that is. The brush on Deborah Lippmann's Sugar Daddy is narrower and smaller, if only slightly) than the China Glaze Brush. But it was enough to give me brush strokes as I hastily applied Sugar Daddy for this comparison.

Which one do you want? I'd recommend China Glaze Swanky Silk simply for the fact that it is significantly cheaper than Sugar Daddy and the formula is virtually identical. There is an appeal for Swanky Silk that rests entirely on the "designer label" but really if you have one you don't need the other. And if you have neither, China Glaze is the polish for you.

No Plain Jane v. Private Dancer:

The differences between China Glaze No Plain Jane and Deborah Lippman Private Dancer are fewer than their similarities. When I look at this side-by-side I see Private Dancer as being more pink or red toned, but only under certain lighting. For the most part this is a very minor difference. However, Private Dancer has a better formula and application than No Plain Jane. It was just nicer, as in you could tell you paid more for one than the other. Even though we all know that price doesn't always equal quality.

Which do you choose? I prefer Private Dancer for the pinker shimmer and for the better application. But for the price, China Glaze wins.

Rare & Radiant v. Iridescent Eye:

No difference, aka dupe city. Comparatively priced, Jessica Cosmetics Iridescent Eye wins this battle of the Peridot dupes over China Glaze Rare & Radiant. The formula on Iridescent Eye was much better than Rare & Radiant and had almost zero brush strokes. I also prefer the brush, it is long and thin but somehow manages to always have a good amount of polish on it.

The only downside to Jessica Cosmetics is that it has somewhat limited availability. I've only been able to find it online but I know that it does exist out there in beauty shops. Just not in my neighborhood. Also, I don't know about the availability of this exact color since it was part of a limited edition set that duped Chanel.

Winner? Iridescent Eye all the way.

Rare & Radiant v. Just Spotted The Lizard:

Just Spotted The Lizard is an OPI released as a part of the LE Spiderman Collection and like Jessica Cos. Iridescent Eye, it is completely indistinguishable from Rare & Radiant. Formula wise, they're all identical. Brush wise, OPI's Pro Wide brush is a little agrivating when applying this polish. Its a little brush stroke-y and on my nails with a tight c-curve it can be difficult to apply without getting all over my skin.

Who wins this battle? Rare & Radiant for its cheaper price and narrower brush.

Unpredictable v. Rare & Radiant:

These swatches are just for fun because they are obviously not dupes for one another, I juts wanted to show their similarities. I'm sure a pretty neat gradient/ombre mani could be put together out of these colors. Unpredictable is on my index and ring fingers, Rare & Radiant is on my middle and pinkie.

Deviant Darling v. Unpredictable:

Again, comparisons for fun. Deviant Darling on my index and ring fingers, Unpredictable on my middle and pinkie.

Whew! Ok, so after all of that what do you think? I know, its a lot to take in all at once but I hope this helps anyone who's wondering if they need all or any of this collection. Again I really like this collection as a whole even if it is full of copycats.

xoxo  Jess


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