Thursday, August 2, 2012

China Glaze On Safari: Swatches pt. 1 - The Natives

Well everyone, we made it over the hump and there are only a few days left before the weekend! Technically today is my Friday, but I'm not here to gloat. Ok, maybe a little. Yay, weekend! Do you guys have anything planned? Other than general work around the homestead we've got a birthday/pool party this weekend that should be fun. There is a little bit of a conundrum for me though, I don't own a bathing suit. I must be the only woman in Vegas that doesn't own a suit.

Moving on... I'm actually here today to share the first half of the China Glaze On Safari Collection with y'all - The Natives. I bought all of these polishes myself in chunks. At first I was convinced I only wanted this set and a glitter or two, but as other blogger's swatches popped up I was convinced I needed this simple yet alluring collection of cremes, shimmers, and glitters. And that's how I ended up with all but one of the polishes from this collection. Big surprise, huh? I'm not ashamed, there isn't a polish in this collection that I don't love. No, seriously. They're all amazing! I've been incorporating each of these colors into nail art and NOTDs over the last few weeks but I thought you might like my very own swatching contribution.

Here's the quick and dirty... All photos are shot with base coat, two coats of polish, and no top coat.

Man Hunt:

A "bold cobalt blue," Man Hunt is a jelly creme that heavily reminds me of Revlon Royal but more opaque. I just might have to do a comparison! Formula on Man Hunt was iffy but it might have been the weather. Application wasn't exactly pleasant either, both the first and second coats were a little thick and gloppy so maybe a little thinner could help. Both coats evened out just fine in the end and the results were worth it, Man hunt is gorgeous. And blue, you know how I love a good blue!

Exotic Encounters:

A "lush green creme with blue undertones," Exotic Encounters is a very green leaning teal. I wore this just the other day and featured it in this week's Teal Tuesday post. Application and formula were both fantastic. Exotic Encounters  is a little thin but in a good way and covered great in two coats. My bottle has a wonky brush but it isn't so bad that it hampered application. I thin this teal's a great transition color from summer to fall, just a hint of dustiness to soften the color.

Elephant Walk:

A "cool graphite grey," Elephant Walk isn't a color I've had a chance to wear on its own yet, but I can't wait. I love the silver shimmer in this green leaning concrete color, it really gives it character. Formula and application were both great, again. Two coats was plenty. Doesn't this color look so warm and snuggly? It reminds me of a heather grey pea coat I had years ago.

Jungle Queen:

A "smokey violet," Jungle Queen looks suspiciously like Chanel Paradoxal/Revlon Perplex/Naughty. I don't have the original, Chanel Paradoxal, but I do have Revlon Naughty and I swatched a comparison last night. Let's just say that they're similar but not the same, very close though! Look for that comparison soon. Formula and application were both good if somewhat thin and slightly patchy, two coats are definitely needed. Very seasonally appropriate but done before, several times. I love China Glaze though, so I don't mind another version.

Perfect Plum:

A "bold burgundy," otherwise known to me as the berry that trumped all other berries! I've never been much of a berry fan but as soon as the first coat of Perfect Plum hit my nails I knew I was head over heels for this color. One word: LOVE. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this wine stain color. It's rather pigmented too, and dries to a high shine. Formula and application were superb.

Prey Tell:

A "daringly dark red," Prey Tell is the underdog of the collection for me. It came as a part of the Native six polish set and I just accepted that it was there, hey it was a deal I couldn't pass up. But as I applied it I was happy to find that I liked the color quite a lot. I used this in this past Sunday's Sunday Stamping Challenge. The challenge was "black and red" so I did a gradient using Adventure Red-y and Prey Tell that blew my mind. I would describe this color as dried blood, and it looked like it on my fingertips after I finished sponging! Application was good but the formula is a little thin, the pigmentation I had expected just wasn't there. But that was more evident when I was sponging the gradient and not so much during swatching.

What do you think of these colors, or this collection as a whole?

Look out for Part Deux soon! 


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