Friday, August 3, 2012

China Glaze On Safari: Swatches pt 2 - The Tourists

Hello ladies and gents, how about some afternoon delight? Today I've got the second half of my On Safari swatches and review for your reading pleasure. Hopefully this will be more enjoyable for you than the hours I've spent paying med bills this morning. Oh, and finding out my soil science text book will run me $165. Ouch! Why does my last semester of school have to be so damn expensive!? Don't worry, there will be many margaritas had tonight.

Just like yesterday, all photos are shown with base coat, two coats of polish, and no top coat.

Adventure Red-y:

A "vivid red," Adventure Red-y might just be one of my reds of all time. To be honest I have very few true reds or red cremes for that matter. Or red anything. I'm sure I've said it before here, but I never seem to buy the reds in collections because I always think it has been done before and I have it already. But this red creme is the red creme to end all red cremes. Seriously, I'm not joking. What you see here is two coats but it only needed one. Adventure Red-y is ridiculously pigmented and the formula is great. Watch out for this one on your skin and cuticles though, you'll need a good scrubbing to get it off. Good news though, no nail bed staining to be found!

Desert Sun:

A "delicious caramel," Desert Sun is a butterscotch creme that applies rather thinly but covers nicely in two coats. Originally this wasn't a color I was planning on purchasing because I thought it would clash with my skin. Well, I thought wrong and I love it. The boyfriend liked it too, which earns it bonus points. I only wish this polish were more opaque as it would make for an excellent nail art color.

I Herd That:

A "brilliant copper glitter," I Herd That was another polish I hadn't intended to purchase but said "what the hell" and tossed it in my basket. I thought it would be too gold, a color that doesn't always play nicely with my coloring. But it looks nice and compliments Desert Sun nicely. The glitters are golden, bronze, and there's a hint of holo in there to but they're very small. This reminds me of one of the Ulta Exclusive Holiday glitters, Fireside Glow, but less orange. You'll need extra top coat or Gelous to make this smooth as it dries gritty. Oh, and use the foil method for removal.

Kalahari Kiss:

A "light sand brown," Kalahari Kiss is a color I love, love, love! This mustardy creme is great all around, formula and application. You can see my NOTD with this creme HERE. Kalahari Kiss reminds me of Grey Poupon, mmm delicious. And great with ham.

I'm Not Lion:

A "glistening gold and multi-color glitter," I'm Not Lion is actually closer to a champagne color if you ask me. There is more holo glitter in this than in I Herd That, or its just more noticeable paired with the delicate sand colored glitter in I'm Not Lion. Again, you'll need extra top coat or Gelous and foil to remove.

You might have noticed that there is one polish missing in this review, if not I'll let you in on which one. Its Call Of The Wild. I just wasn't interested and it felt far too close to Prey Tell. Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo


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