Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cirque Colors - Never Nude & Epoch: Swatches and Review

Good morning everyone, I hope your Wednesday is the best sort of hump day it can be! Today I'm showing you the swatches I did of the two Cirque polishes I showed in yesterday's Teal Tuesday post, Never Nude and Epoch. Let me say, right off the bat, that I absolutely adore these polishes and this brand has a new fan! Also, lets shed a tear for my new nubby nails. *sniff* Its always nice to cut my length down and be able to use my fingertips again, but looking at these pictures makes me miss my talons.

Cirque is a relatively new brand based out of New York, created by Annie Pham, and the two colors I swatched are from the brand's debut collection: Dark Horse. Cirque polishes use only cosmetic-grade pigments and glitter and are Big 3 Free (B3), meaning they do not contain toulene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate. Excellent, Annie, thank you! And these beauties smell lovely too, because essential oils such as lavender and clary sage have been added to the mix. I had to look this little nugget of info up specifically because I couldn't figure out why my nails smelled like balsam and if there were supposed to in the first place. Turns out what I thought smelled like balsam was actually lavender and sage!

Never Nude:

Never Nude is a delicate shade of champagne gold with what I consider to be a loose linear holographic finish. The holo is slightly scattered, but I think it lends itself to the softness of the shade. Even without the added bonus of the holo finish I would enjoy this shade, it works with my skin tone well. The formula was good, thin but not runny, and coverage is nice at two coats. Never Nude also dried quickly. I used no topcoat for these photos so you can see the finish dries just short of shiny, but I can attest to the fact that using Seche Vite does nothing to negatively affect the holo. Awesome, yeah!?


Oh, my gawd... can I be more in love with Epoch? The answer is positively no, its impossible. Epoch is a brilliant teal shimmer with a duochrome shift to purple. The shift is strong around the edges of the bottle but does show up well under certain lighting, such as my lamp, and at more extreme angles. The shimmer particles are fairly large and reflective so they catch a lot of light and make your nails just sparkle, so the duochrome can be hard to find if you are say, out under the desert sun. I used two coats for this swatch and the consistency of the formula was thicker than Never Nude. I had a little pooling at the tips but nothing that thinner coats couldn't fix. Interestingly, Epoch dried matte! I was not expecting that, so the shine you see here is thanks to SV.

Now for my thoughts on the extra bits. First, my order was processed within hours of my purchase from the Cirque Colors website and that thrills me to no end. I cannot stress how much I love timely shipping. My package arrived quickly in a bubble mailer and my two lovelies were both wrapped snugly in packing material. When I took off the protective packaging I found each polish packaged in their own private tulle bags with satin draw strings, very luxx! To top everything off, my packing slip/invoice was in a little baggies with some Worther's Original candies. Annie, how did you know that I love those!? These little attention to details, not to mention that I love the presentation of the bottle (square and sturdy with the sticker wrapping around the corner of the bottle), are why I have nothing but good things to say about these polishes and this brand.

So please, check out the Cirque Colors website and find them Facebook HERE, to be kept up to date with new collections and other news. Just so you know... there's a Halloween collection!

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