Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Color blocking with Sations!

Not too long ago I showed you my swatches of Sation Oh My Oceania and Power To The Purple, aren't they gorgeous? Shortly after swatching them I knew I wanted to use them together somehow and thought a tape mani and color blocking would be perfect. It turns out that I am way way way too impatient to be a regular tape mani queen. I waited over an hour for a single coat of my base color to be completely dry before adding tape and it didn't matter a bit. The tape, even after I un-sticky'd it, pulled up my base color on every single nail. So what you are actually looking at is a combo of tape and free hand.

I used Zoya Katy as my base color, its a beautiful hot pink shimmer from the 2009 Ooh-La-La collection. Then I taped off the top portion and added Sation Oh My Oceania. This is where I had the trouble with my new nail art arch enemy, the tape. Even though my base color was dry it left lines on the surface and pulled up polish along the edges. Ok, I admit that Katy must not have been completely dry. But, c'mon... over an hour for one thin coat? Redic. After getting PO'd at my failure to use tape properly I fixed my little errors and free-handed Power To the Purple on my tips. It isn't perfect, but I still liked it AND its bright and obnoxious - just right for summer time.

Overall, my fail wasn't really a fail after all. What do you think? Have you tried or used tape before? How long should I really have to wait? I need advice...


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